Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Internet, No Problem.

I am currently without internet in my apartment.  It's been pretty damn annoying.  But then I started feeling guilty about it - because I used to live without internet all the time!  What did I do then?  Well, I watched TV.  But I also don't have that.  So... that's my dilemma.  And it's not like I have a CD player with various CD's nowadays.  Everything is digital and yes, I have my phone/computer/iPad with iTunes - but guess what?  You need the internet to download your library.  I didn't have it downloaded on my devices... so... I can't even listen to most of my music. 

Whatever.  I'm going to stop bitching now.  The problem will be fixed in two days... but it has been ten days.  So, here's what I've done in those ten days (when I wasn't using up all the data on my phone... or sitting for hours in a coffee shop.)  

1. Re-read books downloaded on my iPad.  "Gone Girl" is just as exciting the second time around.  I may even hit up "Inferno" next, which I only read like months ago.  (Oh man, I wish I packed my Harry Potter books.  I could totally have re-read ALL of those in two weeks.) 

2. Cooked meals.  That's right.  Not take out.  I cooked meals at home!  In my kitchen!  It is actually a thrilling thing to do when you haven't had a reliable kitchen for years.  Although I made something so terribly shitty last night that I'm ready to stay out of the kitchen for the next week. 

3. Used RedBox.  We've been renting new movies that we haven't seen with RedBox and I've loved it!  We have watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Don Jon and We're The Millers.  I never watch new movies until they're on Netflix, so being able to see RECENT movies that came out in the past year has been a real treat.  What a world!

4. Cleaned. Everything. Repeatedly.

5. Decorated my new apartment.  I have always wanted to decorate a new apartment from scratch.  That's never something I had the option to do.  So it has been very fun finding ways to decorate on the cheap and finding things that are renter-friendly (thank you, Pinterest).  I've experimented with washi tape and vinyl tape and huge engineer prints from Staples (that cost $7 each).  Honestly, I don't know if I would have dedicated the time if I had internet to distract me. 

6. Drank wine. A surprising amount, even for me.  One night (last night), I threw back two bottles. Maybe it's because I've been cooking so much and I drink while I cook and then while I eat dinner and then while I watch a movie. What?  I have a problem?  No, I'm sure I'm fine.

7. Explored my neighborhood.  My street has palm trees on it, so there's a fact for you.  And I can see hills (and mansions on the hills) everywhere.  That's another cool fact for you. 

8. Yoga. But then I hurt myself. So... I'll just keep doing it until the pain goes away.  That seems like the right way to go about this situation. 

See?  Not having internet isn't so bad after all!  Once you get past the withdrawal phase, it's all great! 


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