Friday, February 7, 2014


I have been a resident of Los Angeles for a whole week and some change now.  And since I've been here, essentially since the moment the plane landed, I have been in beast mode.  I haven't stopped working on something.  First, it was finding an apartment.  I literally ran from one end of the city to the other, walking miles and miles, gathering information to hand into apartment buildings.  Then, that was taken care of.  And then it was finding jobs.  I haven't found a solid one yet, but I have spent every possible moment trying.  And when I'm not doing that (because I don't have internet at my apartment yet), I'm doing writing projects and talking to my father about getting a car or placing calls for other opportunities.  I just haven't taken much time to sit back and relax and realize that I have only been here for a week or so and that things will eventually fall into place.  

I am so bad at relaxing though.  It's just so god damn hard!  But today I got a fridge (finally.)  And I have spent the entire day applying to jobs.  I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure (and even during that, I networked with someone for jobs) and tonight, I'm going to cook a nice dinner and drink some wine.  Maybe I'll even go see a movie.  I have a few fun weekend plans as well, so there will be some moments I'm not working.  It's just so HARD!  I feel like I don't deserve to sit back and have fun when there's so much left in the air and so much work I could be doing instead.  

But that is silly, right?  SILLY!  I'm going to go home right now and play some Beyonce and dance in my shower and sprain my ankle.  Because that, my friends, is Patty's idea of a good time!  (Not the ankle spraining part, but let's face it - that's inevitable.) 

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