Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekly Obsessions

Since I moved in, I have spent a lot of time adding things I want for my new apartment to wish lists scattered amongst the Internet.  Right now, I only have a couch, a table that is not made for a TV but is what my TV is on, a bed, a kitchen table and some throw pillows.  I hung up some art and the place is totally coming together and feeling like a home, but man, there are just some things I cannot wait to buy.  

That console stand from Urban Outfitters is awesome.  Since, as you know, my record player is currently living on a floor.  I like that it's wider than the size of the record player... and it might also work well for a bar cart.  That print is so cheeky and has two additional ones that go with it. And that couch is ON SALE and awesome.  Then I could start holding castings in my apartment, right?  It looks like a casting couch.  No? Shut up. 

The other items?  Well, I'm always coveting new glasses and the Spring ones from Bonlook are awesome.  That sweater is cheap and looks cozy and more aesthetically pleasing than the one oversized hoodie I own and those shoes are $40 off on ShoeMint.  That means I could break my ankles for $40 less than I would have spent otherwise. 

Ugh, I have a problem.  Also, I need breakfast.  Happy Sunday! 

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