Monday, March 31, 2014

Adopting a Dog (and the Accompanying Thoughts)

This past weekend, I went to a dog adoption place with my friend Jen (and her dog, Arthur.)  I decided last week that I can’t live without a pet anymore.  I have lived with a pet since I was in 5th grade (also, I have no idea how to count time outside of grades, I don’t know how old I actually was.)  I had Griffin forever and then I moved to the North End and I had Edith.  Now, I have no Griffin (in case you didn’t know) and Edith lives in Boston… which I can’t even talk about.

So, naturally, it would make sense to get a cat.  But, there’s a pet fee in my apartment building and I thought maybe I should take this opportunity to get a dog.  I’ve always wanted one, I love the idea of adopting/saving one and if I’m paying $200 for an animal, why not just get a dog (and eventually both?)

So, I went to meet dogs and I got so excited.  I looked at each one and imagined them living in my apartment.  I imagined walking them, waking up with them and hanging out with them all day on the weekends and bringing them to work with me (because that is an option at my job.)  I thought about sitting on the couch while watching Food Network shows (obviously) while they put their head in my lap or begged for food or tried to drink my wine.  I thought about ambulances going by and them howling out the window.  I thought about all the wonderful things I miss about having a pet companion.

And then, I thought about picking up dog poop and whether or not the dog is too aggressive.  And what if a dog ruins my apartment’s rugs? And what if I’m too tired after work to walk it?  And what if I hate the name of the dog but love the dog but shouldn’t change it because it’s too used to it?  And what is going to happen if I move somewhere else or move into another building that doesn’t allow pets?  What if, what if, what if?!

But F that.  I’ve decided that this month (or next month) is the month.  I’m going to adopt a dog because I love having a pet.  And I want to care about something other than myself and something bigger than myself – if that makes sense.  I have always wanted to adopt and I feel that since I’m already going through so many changes this year, I might as well throw other ones in the mix before I get too comfortable.  And I might as well name it Smokey Robinson, no matter if it's a girl or a boy or a pre-named animal. 

Trust me, this is just what I need… something keeping me in the house even more than I'm already in the house.  I love home!  

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