Saturday, March 22, 2014

Building A Career These Days

 the ultimate "unhappy face" by this generation Y'er.

I read this article the other day that talked about why Generation Y is unhappy.  Basically, we're all raised to believe we can do anything we want and have high expectations for life and then we don't work hard for them and when they're not met, we're unhappy.  It's a simple formula and I get it, but some of the generalizations slightly enrage me.  

First and foremost, I agree.  I think people in my generation do expect great things from their life.  Our parents and people who came right before us broke boundaries and did all these awesome things.  They worked hard, for sure, and reaped great rewards.  In return, they showed us that we could accomplish anything we wanted!  We, too, had the spark inside of us!  We could set our minds to anything and GET IT DONE.  Those were the generations that brought us basic human rights, women's rights, civil rights... and the god damn Internet!  They proved anything was possible.  

They paved a much simpler road.  It still has its trials and tribulations, but our road is a little less cobblestone and a little more pavement... with a bunch of potholes.  Some of us didn't have to overcome great boundaries or prove ourselves in the same way.  Opportunities were much more attainable than they had been, so the "working for it" aspect diminished a little bit.  I agree, Generation Y has it a little easier... so they work a little less for it and therefore appreciate less and expect more. 

But. BUT!  That being said. I don't think that makes us bad people!  We're a product of our environment.  Like my friend Dan said, "Maybe articles about Millennials/Generation Y are making us unhappy?" And he's right, give us a god damn break! 

Honestly, I think people should set high expectations for themselves.  I think we're currently living in a world with a "if you can believe it, you can achieve it" mentality.  Our parents worked hard for careers that for us, are probably just one of our options now.  And now, I think people should try to be whatever they want and live whatever kind of life they want.  AS LONG AS THEY WORK HARD FOR IT.  That's the ticket.  The ticket to success is busting your ass.  Nothing will come of waiting around and hoping your talent will take you somewhere.  You have to take your talent somewhere and work hard and prove yourself.  Some people get lucky... MOST people don't.

If you want to be a doctor, work really hard and be a doctor.  If you want to have a day job that pays the bills but doesn't fulfill you entirely so you can raise a family / live a fulfilling life outside of work - then that's great!  You have to work hard to get there, too.  And, this mostly pertains to me and my social circle, but if you want to work in the elusive entertainment industry, you have to make the right moves, do the right things, and honestly just work all the time.  You should constantly be creating; whether it's writing, performing in shows only five people see, singing for nobody, practicing your instrument, doing open mic's in terrible establishments... every day should be spent bettering yourself.

I agree we're a privileged generation who don't have to work quite as hard as our ancestors do, but come on. (Huge eye roll there.) That doesn't mean we're ALL lazy and terrible egomaniacs.  Some of us are, for sure, but not all of us are! We SHOULD set high expectations, we should do whatever we can and work as hard as we have to work to live a happy, fulfilling life.  That's the world we're growing up in today.  Opportunities are out there and we should be able to try and go after them.  And sure, we make fools of ourselves a lot more and make mistakes and we're all a little bit unhappy because we compare ourselves to everyone else on social media... but hey, that's what makes us so cute and adorable, right?  RIGHT?! 

Also, I hate the term "Generation Y Yuppies."  Gross.

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