Saturday, March 8, 2014

Internet Envy

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I have a question.  When you come across things you love on blogs/Pinterest/etc. do they inspire you or just make you sad/jealous/angry that they're not yours or that you don't have the funds (or creativity) to get or make something like it? 

I, for one, am a Pinterest fiend.  I love scouring Pinterest on a nightly basis and pinning things I want for my home or hair colors I want to re-create or outfits I want to buy.  But right now, I have no dollars.  None!  Especially not for things like copper mugs or marquee lights or nautical inspired dresses from Modcloth!  Yet, night after night, I still pin things I want really bad.  And then I read blogs that do weekly round-ups and feature cute products or their awesome homes and I just want, want, want.  

I'm kind of sad that I have no money (as anybody would be) in a real selfish way.  I have money to get by and live, of course, but I'm sad that I can't just waste an afternoon walking through the aisles at Target.  And when I read said blogs or pin said pins, I start feeling little pangs of anger and anxiety.  When will I be able to get a cute retro loveseat for my living room?  When will I be able to buy those Seychelles shoes I'm obsessed with?  When will I be able to buy a desk and create an office space with a bulletin board and cute, giant, gold polka dots?  When, when, when?  

What I should do is obvious.  I should stop looking at these things so often and then I wouldn't want them so much.  If they're "out of sight, out of mind" then I might be a little happier and comfortable with what I've got... however little it may be.  I certainly don't need all these other things, but someday I will have a slightly more disposable income and can buy things little by little and built the super awesome and fun creative space/wardrobe/life I've always dreamed of!  So, sure, I should stop looking... but I don't want to.  Because dreaming of that time is just as fun as having it!  (Or at least that is what I am telling myself.) (Having it would be MUCH more fun.)

Sure, I might be a little more depressed every day that I add more stuff to my "want" list... but at least I'm motivated, inspired and letting those creative wheels turn.  Creative people are supposed to be miserable anyway, right?  Right.  Now I'm going to go cry into my cheap IKEA pillows. 

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