Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Got A Cat

On Saturday morning, a beautiful little six month old kitten was dropped off at my apartment and I fell in love!  I've lived with a pet for my entire life - basically since I was eleven - so the past three months have been lonely without a cute face to pet.  When the opportunity to rescue a cat presented itself (meaning, when I looked online and found a cat to adopt) - I just jumped right in!

When the woman dropped her off, we brought her in the bathroom and hung out in there so she could get acclimated. She told us that Starlet (the name she arrived with) had an eye infection when she was young and was blind in one eye for a long time and then one day, she just wasn't.  And when we told her that we still wanted her, she was SO taken back by it.  Apparently, everyone in L.A. wants the perfect cat with documents stating its breed and whatever.  Starlet had been turned down several times.  But she's FULL of personality, she's a little cuddle bug, she's super active... I love her.  I love my little trash cat!

But she's not named Starlet anymore, of course.  As soon as I found out that she miraculously woke up one day and wasn't blind anymore, I thought "EDITH PIAF!" which is crazy because my other cat (kinda my cat, in Boston) is named Edith!  Kiley (Edith's actual owner) suggested Simone, because that was Edith Piaf's sister and our cats are sisters!  But, we went with Ruthie.  Because I think it's cute and it fits her face.  That's the thing about a name, it's got to fit your face.

She's been a little destructive (and yesterday she got CAUGHT behind the FRIDGE and we couldn't save her!)  But, she's really adorable and I already want another cat so she'll have a friend.  But, well, I have to take it all one step at a time I suppose.  Although everyone says two cats are not harder to handle than one!

Anyways, I'm in love.  And I can't wait to get home and pet her!

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