Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On Soul and R&B

Have you watched The Sapphires yet?  WELL WHY NOT?  It's a wonderful movie that involves laughing, a little crying, interesting plot, Australian accents, Irish accents and GREAT MUSICAL NUMBERS!  It stars Chris O'Dowd, who is a very funny Irish man.  You know, the one from Bridesmaids.  

Anyway, there's a great quote about soul music in that movie.   That soul music is about fighting for something and reclaiming what you lost while country music just cries and complains about it.   He also says, "I may be a little pale on the outside, but inside my blood runs Negro." 

Never, ever have I connected with a line more than that one!  

There's just something about soul music.  I always want to listen to it.  Even if you think you aren't in the mood for soul, it forces you to get in the mood.   It makes you want to dance, it makes you connect, it makes you happy.  Maybe that's not the same for everyone... but I'm literally sitting in my office right now listening to the James Brown Pandora station over the loudspeakers and people can't stop dancing!  Every time someone walks into our side of the building - they dance!  The two people sitting across from me were having a serious conversation and then they broke out into "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman."  It really hits everyone!  You can't fight the feeling! 

And that's the deal with Soul.  It's got soul.  We've all got soul.  It makes us feel those feelings they're singing about.  I mean, just watch this performance of Otis Redding singing "Try A Little Tenderness" and look at the audience!  They're freaking out!  Soul music is so impressive.  And awesome.  And great.  And the best.  And every other positive adjective!

Groove me, baby! 

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