Monday, April 21, 2014

Things to Love on a Monday

1. yeah, sure, it looks that way. 
found here.

2. the ballerina project is the most amazing project.
it's for sure my favorite instagram i follow!
image here.

3. the first woman who ran the Boston Marathon (and got attacked by race organizers.) 
she lied about her gender and registered with initials. 

4. a beautiful picture of lily collins.
i love her hair color here!

5. another truth.

6. can you tell i have tattoo fever?
this is the location i want right now.

7. vintage ads are the craziest and best. 
how are we liking mad men this season? i'm liking.

8. i never knew about this vegas water slide!
i'm trying to go for my birthday. i'd love to do this!

9. i also may go to palm springs for my birthday.
it's just about the cutest... seemingly.

10. and a cute puppy.

happy monday!

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