Monday, April 28, 2014

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. what a gorgeous tattooed lady! i wish i had the guts to get a sleeve.

2. my biggest pet peeve.

 3. my favorite new york city view.
i remember being at the Met and seeing a similar view and being in awe.
what a pretty city.

4. this is a swaddling blanket. and i'm buying it as art (here)

(isn't it funny how inconsistent sitcoms used to be?)

6. i'm trying to find an old ladder so i can make this happen.

7. love this way to hang pots and pans!

8. WWII soldiers saying goodbye.

9. gorgeous photo! i still get excited by palm trees.

10. i love everything about this photo.
the style. the hair. the disposable camera. the dark lips.
killing it.

happy monday!

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