Friday, April 11, 2014

Yelling at Strangers

Driving home from work has been a new thing for me.  Even when I lived in Boston, I never did that.  My work was ON MY STREET.  (And my previous job was around the corner!)  The only time I ever drove to and from work was in high school when I worked at Build-a-Bear Workshop.  (Funny, right?  I got fired.)

My favorite part of driving home is listening to music... because what else am I going to do?  DRIVE?  I don't want to listen to the radio.  I want to listen to all of my carefully curated playlists!  (They just happen to all consist of every Michael Jackson album.)

And the other day, as I was at a red light and bringing up my Spotify app, the light turned green.  And I didn't catch it within the first second.  I caught it on maybe the second second.  Oh boy!  Someone got mad.  It wasn't the person behind me.  Or the person behind that person.  It was just some guy on a bike on the sidewalk who was in no way affected by my lack of going on green.

Should I have been on my phone?  No.  But should this guy have been so crazy offended and angry?  No!  As I started driving, I heard (and excuse my language here) "GO, DUMBASS. GET OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONE, YOU FUCKING BITCH."

I didn't even turn and look at him because my first reaction would be angry yelling when I know that wouldn't fix anything or make anyone's day better.  Then I felt bad for him.  Why was he so mad?  What kind of day did he have?  Why did he feel the need to SCREAM at someone that wasn't affecting his commute whatsoever?  And then I just wish I had said something super corny like, "Hey, I'm sorry you had a bad day, we all make mistakes, right?" and then laughed it off... because it would have been honest... and it would have pissed him off!  I get that I was in the wrong, but did he have to be so aggressive?  It was really weird!  Like super offputting.  Like, I couldn't stop thinking about it after - and not even because I was upset.

Moral of the story?  Don't use your phone while you're driving, even at a red light.  (That's just common sense and I was absolutely in the wrong.)  Also, calm down everyone.  Calm down!  Don't yell at people!  If someone does something stupid and you've had a bad day - don't scream at them.  At least try to understand that they just really wanted to hear the song "Baby Be Mine" off the Thriller album.

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