Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I turned 28 years old on Sunday. And I celebrated it by having adult acne.  Seriously - what is up with that pimple?  I also spent it at Disneyland, because that’s what 28 year olds do.  In fact, I didn’t even celebrate it by getting drunk like I would have, I don't know -  every other year for the past seven years.  I just went to the beach, cooked a chicken, watched a movie and then woke up the next day and went to do Disney, and you know what?  It was delightful.  I was also still pretty sick, so it was just what I needed. 

I like turning a new age, because reflecting is something I thoroughly enjoy and do pretty well.  I LOVE over-thinking and being emotional and nostalgic – ugh, I could do it every day!  So that’s why I DO!!! 

27 was a pretty good year.  In terms of age, it’s pretty insignificant, right?  It’s not quite mid-twenties and it’s not quite almost-30.  It’s just an age that you say and people go, “Oh, ok.”  It’s an OK age, but not one that I was ever excited about being, it was just an age where I sat for a year while waiting to be 28, when I could just be two years away from 30.  

But at the very least it was a monumental year.  It was the year that I moved to California!  Did I mention that I did that this year?  It was the year that I really jumped into a serious relationship.  It was the year that I made decisions about my future and moving forward with my life.  It was a hard, sad and exciting year – actually.  There were a lot of trying times and decisions that weren't easy to make.  It was the year I said goodbye to my beloved Boston and you know what’s the weirdest thing?  I miss Boston more than most things (aka people).  I miss walking up and down Hanover Street.  I miss going to the bars that I knew bartenders at.  I miss sitting on the waterfront on warm nights and listening to the boats and sometimes accidentally catching people having sex.  I miss sitting on the porch or going shopping in Faneuil Hall during my lunch breaks.  I miss everything being in close proximity.  Los Angeles is just so damn huge!   

But I also learned a lot of valuable lessons (I think)… and I’m going to share them!

- Get your credit in order. Just do it. 
- Don’t drink all the white wine just because it’s an open bar or someone is buying you a ton of white wine.  You will throw up.  In your sleep.  On your nice, new show dress. 
- In fact, don’t eat zero food and then drink a lot in general – you WILL throw up.  In your sleep!! 
- If something is bothering you about your professional life, address it.  Don’t just sit around and complain.  Oddly enough, productive things can happen if you just say something.
- Shop the Trader Joe’s freezer aisle.  They have really good chicken dishes.
 Cooking dinner at home is relaxing, fun and WAY LESS EXPENSIVE.
- Moving isn’t just moving – it’s building a home from scratch.  Factor that in when you’re moving across country.  I didn’t plan for that, for whatever reason.  I only thought about furniture and didn’t think about things like pots, pans, utensils, Brita pitchers, etc.
- Working from home saves gas and time – think about that next time you feel bad about it. 
- Don’t settle for a shitty job.  There will be something better out there.  Even if you have to take said shitty job until you find it.
 Take a boat ride once a year.  They’re the most fun and relaxing.
- You only live once. (Y'know... YOLO.)  Spend time doing things that make you happy and stop giving a shit what people think.  That I'm still learning, of course, but just figured I'd throw it on there. 

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