Monday, May 26, 2014

A Funny Post About My Dead Dog

If you've been reading this blog for a while (or if you've ever had a conversation with me), you know that my dog died two years ago.  That's right.  You can read the sad post about it right here.

Griffin was awesome.  The absolute best dog in the world!  He was a mutt, part Boxer, part Chow?  We didn't know.  But when I see pictures of Chows, I'm immediately reminded of Griffin because of his fluffy body and face.  He didn't have a tail, but his ears weren't clipped like boxers tend to have!  He had tail envy.  He hated whenever we brought up the name "Toby" (because that was our neighbor's dog and he was jealous of Toby and Toby's tail.)  He slept all day long and my mom cooked his food for him (ground turkey mixed with dog food... I don't recommend trying it.)  I got him when I was in fifth grade and I didn't think he was real when my dad brought him in.  He had separation anxiety, so he'd bite your feet when you tried to leave the house.  He howled when I played my clarinet and when fire trucks went up the street.  His favorite word was "chicken" because he knew he was getting a treat when he heard it.  (Usually a bone or cheese, and on the rare occasion, actual chicken.)

When Griffin died, it was the worst day of my life.  I know, you're wondering, "What's the funny part about this post?"  But really, it was the worst.  I cried for hours.  I couldn't do two shows out of the four that I had to do because I literally could not stop the FLOOD of tears!  ("Ugh, that's so sad, SERIOUSLY why is she calling this a funny post?")

But here's the funny part!

I still get sad every time I walk into my parents house and he's not there.  Even when I was home a few weeks ago, my aunt was walking up the stairs and said, "I always think of Griffin when I walk up these stairs."  Me too.  Meee tooooo.

Oh, that's not funny either?  Hm.

There's nothing funny about my dog being dead, this I know.  I still miss him every day and think about him all the time.  I still have trouble with the idea of getting another dog and so does my family.  Why get another dog when we already had the best dog?  My mom still gets up at 3-4am to go for a walk, because that's what she did with him.  Man, I'm really nailing it in the funny department today, oh boy!

OK, OK, here's something that's funny!  Griffin's fur is still on furniture in the house, like the computer chair and some blankets that he always slept on.

Not funny either.

We kept his toys and I cry whenever I see them?  No?  Hmm... he cried so much when we first got him because we took him from his mother three weeks early?  When he got angry, he'd put his teeth on you but wouldn't bite down, and if he did - he'd lick you after because he felt bad?  The fact that I called him "Griffin Margaret" when he did something wrong?

I'm failing here, guys.  I really miss my dog!  But, boy, is it funny to bring it up all the time just in case people forget... to feel bad for me at all times.  (Just kidding.)

Griffin, I love you.  I know you're up there wagging your stub tail, begging for chicken and just all around being the CUTEST!  Miss you, buddy!

Oh, and uh.... Happy Memorial Day!


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Patty Barrett said...

I know, right?


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