Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday Weekend of Fun!

Let me tell you about last weekend.  It was  one of those kind of weekends where you wake up for work on Monday and you feel deep sorrow (read: hit snooze repeatedly) that the weekend is actually over.  The type of weekend where you spent 72+ hours with someone and then you drive off to work and you already miss them because you had so much fun with them that weekend. (Awwww! Gross, I know.) 

On Friday night, after staying home from work and being sick all day long, I wolfed down some gourmet pizza (that's right, gourmet) and hopped in an Uber towards the train station so we could go downtown.  I’ve lived in L.A. for four months and have only been downtown once and it was during the day, so it was pretty cool to go at night and do the whole “hotel rooftop party” thing.  Also, downtown is kind of scary because it's where skid row is so, I'm glad we got to be around that at night.  We were at a comedy shorts film festival supporting our friend, Matt.  His short was awesome and so were a bunch of other ones!  It was a really entertaining film block and evening.  Plus, I made new friends! 

And wait for this... we stayed up until 3:30am.  RIGHT?!  Big time.  (As soon as we realized how late it was, we immediately went to bed because we felt crazy.)

I woke up on Saturday hungover and sick, but I forced myself to rally and get up because I didn’t want to waste a day.  I oil pulled, drank all the water and showered – my tried and true hangover remedies.  None of it worked and I still felt awful, but whatever, we went to the beach.  About an hour and a half south of Los Angeles is Newport and Crystal Cove, which is the most beautiful little beach and town.  It looks like it’s on the Mediterranean!  There are all these houses in hillsides, it’s like Positano, Italy.  We sat on the beach for a few hours and even though I put sun block on, I got burned to shit and my chest and nose are just nothing but pink.  And they hurt.  Also, my scalp is burnt.  That was uncomfortable while blow drying my hair.  

We went home, roasted a chicken, drank drinks and watched SNL and passed out.  Because that is how you do it.  

On Sunday we went to Disneyland!  I woke up and debated it all morning and then I thought, "What the F! I'm 28! Let's go to Disney!"  I used to go to Disney World all the time and I'm glad I got to see the original.  It was much smaller than the Magic Kingdom and it was fun.  Plus, the lines weren't awful.  The rides were fun.  And you know what?  It was a really great birthday weekend.  Maybe one of the best.  

I'm glad I spent most of the weekend exploring my new state.  I never get out of Los Angeles and it was awesome to jump on some freeways and explore new cities... especially when there was basically no traffic.  We lucked out.  Traffic is no joke here.  I underestimated it before moving here, that's for sure.  But it really, truly is the worst.  But it didn't hold me back or bring me down this weekend! 

This year is the first time I've had weekends in a long time... and they're really nice to have back in my life.  I love you, weekends.  Especially birthday ones.  See you next year!! 

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