Thursday, May 15, 2014

Home Sick

Today I am home sick.  Not homesick, but home and sick.  

Yesterday, I was feeling a little off and sneezy and my throat was sore and I couldn't breathe and everything was the worst and I was dying and no, I'm not being dramatic... YOU ARE.  When I woke up today, I felt worse.  It just so happened that the people I work for weren't going to be in the office today so I had the opportunity to be sick at home while working.  I don't want to get people sick.  

I never take sick days.  I have had whooping cough and gone to school and I've had the flu and gone to work and just been miserable.  Calling out sick just never felt right to me, or it felt like something I just couldn't get away with.  As if someone was always going to be mad or think I was lying.  (Whooping cough was really hard to like about.)  (I'd cough until I vomited.)  But as I get older I realize that's stupid.  If I don't stop to take care of myself right away, then the sickness is going to last longer, which means more miserable days at work. 

So, here I am, on my couch... working while Living Single plays in the background all hopped up on Sudafed and drinking copious amounts of water.  

I had to run to Target to get medicine and I thought I might pick up some other essentials.  It turns out, I don't know what essentials are so I got the following things: Sudafed, tissues, a water bottle, a honey scented candle, a lighter, Ricola throat drops, Sour Punch Straws and a laser pointer for the cat.  I'm bad at being sick.  So, so bad at it.   

When I was a kid, I would stay home from school and spend the entire day playing Barbies or doing whatever I could do except REST.  My parents hated it.  They'd yell at me and tell me to get back on the couch and just lie down and enjoy watching TV like normal kids, but it was too hard!  I hate being held down by sickness!  And my Barbies also really didn't like being ignored.  It was hard for them to do much without the help of my two hands and wild imagination.  I like to think Barbie playing were my early improv days, except with a lot more plastic sex. 

If anyone has any killer home remedies for curing sickness - let me know.  I really don't want to ruin this weekend... because it's my BIRTHDAY.  I can't be sick on my birthday. 

I'm going to go watch Martin now.  (Daytime TV is killing it these days.) 

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