Friday, May 2, 2014

Life Lately: Long and Winding Road

This week has been long as fuck.  Excuse my language, but fuck's are pretty long - right?

An exercise I like to do with my students (and friends at dinner parties) (that one time) is "Highs and Lows" where we each go around and shout our highs and lows of the week - starting with the low and ending with the high (it's more positive that way.)  Beau and I actually did it at dinner jokingly the other day and it was nice to be like, "Oh that wasn't as bad as I thought it was and my high was pretty great so it cancels out that low."

Anyway, the low of my week was having to leave the cat at home alone so much.  That first day, on Monday, I was in PANIC MODE all day long.  I couldn't stop imagining all the horrible things that were happening at home.  I was convinced that she was biting on cords and getting electrocuted, sneaking into tiny areas of the apartment and getting stuck, somehow opening doors and escaping or falling to her death, etc.  Of course when I got home, she was fine.  But now I know I'll never be able to handle kids with this anxiety.

The high of my week (aside from the cat!) was that we went out BOTH NIGHTS last weekend which is unheard of for us (we're poor.)  On Friday, we celebrated our friend Matt booking a huge commercial shooting in Majorca, Spain.  We tried a new restaurant, Fat Dog, and it was the best.  Then on Saturday, we went to a "strip mall filled with gastropubs" with our friends, Erin and Kelsey.  That is something L.A. has... a strip mall filled wit gastropubs!

I also helped Kelsey move into her new apartment in East Hollywood.  I don't like the area (there were guys staring at us move... it was so awkward and weird and creepy) but her apartment is really adorable and perfect for her.  We went over before going to the bars and had wine, cheese, salami and bacon cheese fries.  All things that go together!!!!  

All in all, life was good this week.  I drank with co-workers and got to know some new ones, we ordered barbecue last night which was different and weird, I watched a new episode of Mad Men and the last episode of Parks and Rec for this season, I went to Target.  Really just great things all around.

Plus, I'm going home to visit next weekend!  I can't wait! And my birthday is in 16 days.  So, just know that.

All pictures from my Instagram.  Follow me there! @pattybarrett. 


Z said...

This is so funny - I'm planning on starting a linkup in the next few weeks centering around "ups and downs" from the week - my boyfriend's company does this as well! I'm glad the cat is finding his place - I'm sure he'll settle down fine during the day :]]]

Erin said...

It does help to put things in perspective like that. We used to do "highs and lows" with my church young adult group on Sunday nights. It's nice.


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