Friday, May 16, 2014

Life Lately

I'm not going to lie, my friends.  This week was a tough one for me.  It had its serious ups and downs.  I started the week crying in an airport and now I'm ending it feeling pretty sick and awful.  But, it's my birthday this weekend!  And tonight I'm going to a rooftop hotel party in Downtown L.A. so... it can't be that bad, right?  There were some good moments - like work was actually great this week.  But all those good moments were filled with tears and personal shit that I don't feel like getting into but will probably write a book about in the later years of my life before I die.   Oh, did I mention there was a heat wave this week?  Nuts. 

Sunday was Mother's Day and I ate a roast beef dinner with my family somewhere around 11:30 in the morning.  My family eats dinner very early.  This was maybe the earliest.  It was hard to wake up (FOR DINNER) after going out dancing and drinking and performing improv the night before with my friends from home and Mary!  (That's Mary.) 

I went to the airport... and I cried.  I sat at the bar, drank three glasses of wine and cried.  I don't even know why.  It was a mixture of sadness over leaving / sadness that it wasn't the same / wanting to just be home in L.A. / etc.  Maybe I was tired, maybe I just hate traveling, or maybe I was just sad and needed to let it all out.  And did I ever!  

I officially adopted the cat this week!  Meaning, all paperwork is signed and adoption fees paid!  I'm so excited.  I love this little girl.  I forget what it's like to live here without her, so that's nice.  Now I just can't wait to add a dog to the mix!  I'm going to be a crazy lady with a lot of animals.  I am going to be Gale on Bob's Burgers.  That's just a fact and one that I am happy to admit.  

Also, I'm debating taking a last-minute trip this weekend.  Maybe Palm Springs?  San Diego?  Who knows, but I've got a pocket full of cash (or a debit card that is attached to a banking account that has a little bit of money inside of it) and a car with a gas tank that costs a whole lot to fill and a me, who is turning 28 years old.  Or maybe my adventure will just be down the street to the tattoo parlor to get a new tattoo.  

Regardless, I'm eating a burger this weekend.  'Cause I can.  

Have a good weekend! 

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