Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Bitch is Back!

I'M IN BOSTON!  I'm in my childhood bedroom, to be exact.  It has a few less Backstreet Boys posters than it had in its hey day, but it ain't so bad.  Actually, it's a pretty weird shade of rose pink now that's typically reserved for a grandmother's bathroom.  But hey, at least it has a boxy old TV that's not plugged in or connected to any cable!    

As I previously mentioned, I worked a few days this week and then got on a plane on Wednesday night and flew overnight to Boston.  I'm really happy to be home.  It has been so wonderful.  When I came in on Thursday morning, I was smiling ear to ear at my dumb little scattered-all-over-the-place city.  Flying over Boston and seeing the roads is pretty freaking hilarious.  There's absolutely zero structure to how this town is put together - and I love it so.  There are now signs on the highway that say, "Switching lanes? Use yah blinkah."  So, yeah, this is where I'm from. 

When I went to the North End, where I used to live, I felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  I could have run through the streets kissing all the people, places and things!  All the nouns!   The UPS guy!  The lady who makes homemade pasta all day!  The bouncer at Hennessey's!  The cashier at CVS who always wears gloves!   

It honestly felt like nothing changed.  Like I transported away for a little while and was plopped right back to where I was.  Everyone was having the same conversation, doing the same thing, wearing the same outfits and just living their lives the way they live them.  It made me sad and happy at the same time.  I miss L.A. and my boyfriend and my cat.  But god damn, it's nice to be home surrounded by people I love and inside of a town that makes me feel like me.  

This week has been an eye-opening week for a lot of reasons.  I've been putting a lot of thought into what I want to do and what my end goal is... and I just don't know anymore.  I'm at a point where I can literally go any direction.  I can try out a whole new career, or I could go full force into the one I've been playing around with for the past few years.  And by "whole new career" I mean, "a different career in comedy other than the one I've been thinking I would do."  That's vague.  Whatever.  All I know is now that I'm finally settled in L.A., I'm not going to waste any more time and just start jumping into EVERYTHING.  

And by that I mean, it's damn time I try to play Annie on Broadway.  Sure,  I'm a 28-year-old (as of next week) with little-to-zero Broadway/musical theater experience or training with blonde hair and limited vocal range! (I sit somewhere between the great Eartha Kitt and the EVEN GREATER Hilary Duff on the vocal range scale.)  But hey, if we believe it we can achieve it!  

I once wanted to be a secretary... and well, I certainly achieved that.  Just as difficult a goal! 

But for now, enough thinking about the future and more focusing on the present.  And drinking more giant beers with my dumb friends.  

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Z said...

This is so funny - my home is in Wisconsin, but I currently live in Boston. I feel the same way about the city - even though it's a "big, modern city," it feels so jokey and small sometimes. Glad you got a chance to go home!


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