Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things That Don't Matter

haters gon' hate.

1. Whatever we said wrong and what we should have said in its place.  The moment is gone and chances are, we'll get a chance to right our wrongs.  Dwelling is stupid. Knowledge is power.  (The knowledge of what to do better next time.) 

2. Anything that DOESN'T AFFECT US.  Seriously.  We've got to stop worrying about things that simply don't affect us.  Sure, if it's someone we care about and we feel sympathetic towards them, but if we're worrying about gossip or shit that just simply has no affect on our lives but causes us great stress... pretty stupid. 

3. Any mistake we've made in the past.  Time to move forward and get over it.  Shit happens.  Such is life. 

4. What people think of things we love.  If we want to listen to "shitty music" or take quizzes on BuzzFeed or base our entire days around our horoscopes - then so be it!  F off everyone else!  Venus is in MY Jupiter moon and not yours!!! 

5.  Why they didn't call.  They being a boy, girl or potentially great employer.  They didn't choose you so they're stupid and they're dumb and they're stupid. 

6. Honest mistakes.  Say, for instance, you were working with the wrong information or you mis-heard something or whatever... it was an honest mistake.  It sucks that someone is mad/upset/annoyed, but at the end of the day - it's an honest mistake.  It doesn't mean you're A BAD STUPID IDIOT.  And if someone yells at you - they're just taking something out on you.  It's not your fault.  Just take a breath and repeat to yourself, "It's not your fault" like Robin Williams' character did to Matt Damon's character in Good Will Hunting.  How you like them apples? 

7. The fact that the Olsen Twins are my age - exactly one month younger than me in fact - and make more money than me in a day than I ever will in my life.  Oh, was this one just geared towards me?  Seems like it. 

8. The french fries/burger/creamy pasta you ate on a random Tuesday night. Who says Sunday has to be your cheat day?  And who says you can't have two cheat days in a week? And who says you have to have a cheat day and you can't just do whatever you want because it was there and ugh, this day was tough and GET OFF MY BACK.  

9. Talking on the phone.  Why is it so important?  I get it.  We used to do it all the time and communication was better back in the day but texts are so easy and awesome and keep me in touch with people way better.  So.... whatever.  It doesn't matter how you communicate as long as you continue to communicate! 

10. What your hair looks like today.  Go home, throw it up and try again tomorrow.  Nobody will remember.  And if they do, that's weird.  Why are they remembering such a small detail about how you looked?  I'd call the cops. 

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