Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Have You Heard of Weekends?

Did you guys know that there are great things at the end of every week called WEEKENDS?!  Now that I have a full-time job again, I’ve been thrown back into the life of “working for the weekend.”  You know, like that song from the 80's.   Weekends are, quite simply, uh the best.   I wonder if people feel the same way about weekends that I do!   Everyone, you need to know about weekends!!!!! They happen at the END of the WEEK!  How clever!

As someone with severe anxiety, guilt and pressure; weekends can typically be hard.  It’s very hard for me to just “sit back and relax.”  The only time I feel comfortable doing that is basically until about 11am and after 10pm.  A part of me feels that I need to be working when the sun is up and so am I.   At the very least, I need to be cleaning, running errands, working out, cooking, and doing something, ANYTHING, productive.  This past weekend, there was plenty of that.  I deep cleaned my apartment, got new litter and cleaned the cat’s litter station, hung some artwork, went grocery shopping, cooked meals, made salad dressing. 

Oh, but don’t you worry, I did all of that while shitfaced.  Just kidding!  (Sort of.)

But, I also forced myself to relax and stop worrying so much.  I may not have money to do things like have fun with my friends, but I have free access to a pool and Jacuzzi (you know, besides the rent I pay) and pieces of American cheese and a couple of crackers and a Netflix account and a DVR with episodes of Modern Family on it.  I watched two movies I’d never seen before, Batman Begins and The Town.  I also drank an entire bottle of wine on Saturday night and texted my friend Casey about Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, which I wasn't even watching. 

When I woke up on Monday morning, I didn’t hate my life.  Sure, I groaned when the alarm went off, threw my phone across the room, blamed the cat for all my problems, turned the shower on only to realize I DIDN’T WANT TO TALK A SHOWER GOD DAMNIT, barely put a comb through my hair, drank some coffee, yelled at my closet, looked in the mirror at the outfit I put on and said, “FINE!”  But, really – for really real -  I didn’t hate my life.

And, that, my friends is why you should indulge in relaxation during the weekends.  Check them out every Saturday and Sunday!  Maybe even start at like 5pm on Friday!  What a world!

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