Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Week In California

Last week, I had the most California week.

It started last Sunday evening when my friend from Boston - we shall call her Danger... because that is her nickname -  was in town for work and was staying in Beverly Hills.  I met her on the rooftop of her hotel and we drank $16 margaritas by the pool (and in the pool) with her fabulously straight co-worker.  There were two pools, one for your feets and one for your swimmings.  It was the type of Los Angeles you see on reality shows, a pool with a DJ and young girls paired up in cabanas with really old men.  I loved it (for people watching.)  (I could never live like that.)

On Thursday, my company had its big ten year anniversary party.  I was pretty anxious about it all week because we were told to "pack a bathing suit, athletic shorts and come prepared for anything" and it was also starting at 9am and lasting until 9pm plus more hours of drinking afterwards.  I was freaking out about it, naturally, because I'm afraid of the unknown... specifically when it comes to socializing.  I'm an introvert, forever and always.

I carpooled with a friend and co-worker, SUPER CALIFORNIA, RIGHT?  I even got to use the carpool lane for the first time in my life!  When we showed up to work, there were party buses, limos, tour buses, etc. parked all over the lot.  I'm talking like 40+ different buses.  We were separated into groups of 10 (there's more than 400 of us.)  We basically were taken on a huge, real-live choose your own adventure.  We were texted clues, had to make a choice, and when we made the choice we were sent an address.  Our first adventure was surf lessons (with wetsuits and a board and everything!) and our next one was skateboarding (which was AWESOME.)  We then did a relay race back at our parking lot and ate food and socialized and did, you know, party things.  It actually felt a whole lot like the first day of a Real World / Road Rules challenge.

After a full day of company sponsored day drinking and hanging out in the sun (did I mention the bus I was in didn't have a roof?) - I left the party pretty early.  I was exhausted and couldn't even try to muster up the energy for more drinking or dancing or making out with strangers, whatever happens at those types of things.  I went home and spent the evening in the pool and hot tub to ease the pain of my sunburn.  Oh, side note, hot tubs do nothing but bad stuff for sun burns.  So, just know that.

On Saturday, I hopped on the 10 (super California) and went to Santa Monica for brunch with some of my co-workers (also super California.)  I walked around the mall afterwards and even stopped in Tiffany's with some of the girls I work with and let me tell you, I felt like I was in the movie Clueless.  Which, let's face it, is my dream.  I wanted to continue the Clueless feeling and stopped in Beverly Hills to do a little bit of shopping on my way home.  You're probably thinking Rodeo Drive and you'd be wrong.  I went to a strip mall of discount stores - Target, Marshall's, Ross Dress for Less.  I do everything right.  

Saturday night, Beau and I went to Umami Burger - which has the best burgers ever - and went record shopping at Amoeba Records.  I bought a Creedence Clearwater Revival record for $8 which we listened to while day drinking the next day.  I made a ghetto sangria, which is a mason jar full of Pinot Grigio with some nectarines and a little bit of Triple Sec thrown into it.  I drank that while lounging by the pool with a magazine.  BECAUSE I'M Super California! 

I'm really starting to like it here.  It has certainly taken me a few months to adjust to the totally different lifestyle and being 3,000 miles away from my family.  But, I'm slowly starting to build a life here and it's feeling pretty awesome.  There were days, oh boy were there days, and I'm sure there will be more days in the future - but right now, and especially after last week, California isn't treating me so bad.  Plus, I started drinking healthy green smoothies every morning.  So, I've changed.

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