Friday, June 6, 2014

Life Lately: Sunburns & Night Swims

Well, this week was a weirdo.  Just a weirdo week.  I should have known it would be when I got a sunburn on my face that LEFT A MARK WHERE MY GLASSES ONCE STOOD.  

Everything felt off, like we were all out of balance.  I’m always out of balance though, because I’m the clumsiest bear. 

I started off the week a little sad and disheartened.  You know those instances where you realize that you care more about certain people more than they even think about you?  It just left me feeling pretty stupid for giving a shit.  I started to question all of my friendships and wonder which ones were real and which ones existed because they were convenient?  Then I decided to let it go, Frozen style, and stop thinking about it.  If people don't want to see me when they're in town, that's their prerogative, maybe we're not as close as I thought - but that doesn't mean I have to cut them out of my life or stress about it.  I can see them again, I can keep in touch with them, I can grab a beer with them when I see them again because that's my prerogative and that's the kind of life I want to lead.  I'm just so tired of being resentful and thinking I'm a victim when clearly I'm not and there are worse problems in my life, like whatever is happening in my bank account and the dry shampoo I got somehow not working as a total replacement for showering.  Ugh. 

Regardless, I spent the week doing the same thing I do every week.  I worked and went home and I repeated those steps several times.

One night, I went night swimming, which is my favorite thing in the world.   We packed a couple of drinks and went downstairs and jumped in the hot tub and when it got too hot, we switched to the pool and then back to the hot tub and back again.  It was the perfect night – the sun was setting, the moon was bright, nobody else was around.  I like solitude and relaxation after a really shitty day.  And drinking while submerged in water.   

I got a couple of personal writing projects out of the way.  I watched When Harry Met Sally (which is my favorite of the Nora Ephron rom coms, outside of Sleepless in Seattle which mean it’s not my favorite at all, I guess.)  I bought my cat new food... at a different Target than usual. (EXCITING, RIGHT?)  And my face peeled all week long because of a sunburn, I looked like a mutant ALL WEEK LONG.  And I wore a pink dress one day, which was a terrible mistake.  I blended in with myself.   I was a walking medium rare steak. 

This weekend is going to be full of sleeping, drinking coffee to stay up late (that’s a serious thing), watching the movie Swingers outside in a cemetery, drinking with my friends, petting my cat, being bit by my cat, seeing a friend from Boston and GOING WHEREVER THE WIND BLOWS ME.  Just kidding.  That would hurt.  

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