Wednesday, June 4, 2014

One Month of Ruthie!

You guys, remember when I got a cat?

It was actually sort of random.  I honestly was just looking through PetFinder, like I tend to do, and saw this one cat named Faith that had an extra toe so her paws looked like mittens and I thought, "WHY THE HELL NOT?"  Well, she was in foster care already is why the hell not.  So they offered me another cat and told me to take a look on the site and they'd set me up with another one.  I looked online and I fell in love with this "Starlet."  She was so cute and squinty and the description said she was full of love.  So I said "Yes!" and two days later, she was confused in our bathroom.

The woman who brought her fosters a bunch of animals and she was strange.  She said she had dozens of animals and was also allergic.  She had a special fondness for Starlet (which made me nervous.)  She said nobody ever wanted to keep her and she was afraid we wouldn't either because she didn't know what breed she was and she had an eye infection that made her blind in one eye until one day, she miraculously wasn't blind anymore.  I didn't care, I'd still take the freak cat!

The lady gave us two weeks and said after that, if "Starlet" was a good fit, we'd fill out the paperwork and adopt her.  So, three weeks later (I was in Boston two weeks after we got her), I called and one of the woman's dogs was in surgery AT THAT MOMENT.  She told me to send the money ($125) immediately to the vet.  Weird.  Then she told me she was going to waive the fee because she liked me but now couldn't.  I got so freaked out by her... WHY EVEN TELL ME THAT?  I was kind of hurting money-wise that day, too, so... ugh.  But whatever!  I officially adopted this cat a couple of weeks ago and now we've had her for a full month (and some change.)

She's totally warmed up to us.  She owns the apartment.  Her favorite sleeping spots are a pile of blankets in the living room, one specific kitchen chair and underneath the bed.  She loves patches of sun, trying to claw through screens and plays with only two of her many toys.  She attacks feet and toes like crazy and bites in a loving way.  She doesn't give kisses, she lets you hold her for as long as you want, she hates being locked out of the bathroom (if we're in there, she'll wait at the door and meow).  She's not very vocal otherwise and she only purrs when you scratch behind her ears.  Her best move is the "plop" which she always does as soon as we come through the door and any time she gets lazy and wants to lie down / get her belly rubbed.  She answers to her name!  And she wakes me up every morning at 6:30 by trying to get under the covers, biting my feet or trying to jump up to the windowsill off my head.

I love her so much.  Month one has been pretty fucking great!

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