Friday, June 20, 2014


I saw something floating around the Internet, originating from You Are My Fave, last week about “How To Summer.”  In this case, we’re using the word summer as a verb.  How should one summer, exactly?

My friend Mary and I used to make summer bucket lists and one summer we were really good at it.  We had a barbeque, we had tea lights in mason jars, we had Richie’s slush, we went to the beach on one of the Boston Harbor islands, we went to a concert, we had lunch on the Greenway every day, we went on a boat, I went to New Hampshire for a few days – it was great!  Sometimes I think that was the best summer ever.  Maybe that had to do with planning… or maybe it was just because I did summery things and had less responsibility and a ton of fun with my friends.  Oh, but I also dated like two guys that summer.  (At different times.) (Sorta.) (Whatever.) (It didn't get messy until the fall.) (I was just living my life.) 

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and I want to re-visit the idea of a summer bucket list.  I probably won't be able to do half of these things due to time and money restraints.  But, hey, a gal can dream.  

outdoor flea market to buy furniture
big bear lake
boston. (i just love boston in the summer)
concert at the hollywood bowl (STEVE MARTIN)
disney's california adventure
san diego
a winery
sunset cruise on the marina
downtown more

popsicles, tons of them.
a liquor cart. tons of it.

spend a lot of time outside
buy a grill for our porch
have a barbecue/summer party with said grill
get a tattoo!
buy a car (i'm both really looking forward to and not looking forward to that)

grilled pizza.
an LA-style hot dog.
a couple of cheeseburgers.
richie's slush (in boston)
something from eggslut downtown because it's about time i get into eggs, right?

get into summer, guys!  it's tomorrow!  until september!

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Z said...

Love this breakdown of all of the different places and things to do. Sounds like a full summer - hope you finally make it back up to Boston :]


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