Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back East.

Last weekend, I made a last minute trip to Boston for the weekend.  I got into town on Thursday morning and spent some time with family and friends.  I got to hang out in the kitchen of my old apartment with my former roommate and our shared cat!  I stepped into the last few minutes of a show!  I hung out on the waterfront and stared at boats in the Atlantic Ocean.  I had a delightful little road trip.  

There's just something about the east coast that I love.  I'm not sure what the big difference is, aside from geography, but I just love it.  It was funny driving around and getting annoyed with jaywalkers... when just a few months ago, I never thought twice about it.  It's not against the law to jaywalk in Boston, but it's a major deal in California.  A ton of people I know have been ticketed for jaywalking, so I am very careful while walking and ALWAYS stop at lights and use crosswalks... in Boston, it's like cows just roaming free everywhere.  

It was also pretty funny seeing EVERYONE in Red Sox hats/jerseys/shirts/etc.  I never really see people "represent" their sport in California and I just realized that.  Everyone in Boston, whether they've watched baseball or not, is pretty ride-or-die when it comes to Boston.  

The east coast just has its charms and they always know how to drag me back in!  I'm starting to feel comfortable in California.  I know my way around without using GPS (although I still use it because traffic and the Waze app is really cute.)  But there was something about being in Boston that just made me feel so comfortable.  Almost like I owned the place... except I tried to park anywhere I wanted and flip off people I didn't know  (because that's what people do when they own things) and it never worked out.  

I'm not planning on moving back there (at least any time soon) since I'm still enjoying this west coast California adventure.  But I'm so happy to be from that side of the country.  I love California and it has its charms too!  But there's something about being inside the city that you're from that fills you with joy.  I love that crazy place!  

The good news is that I came back to California refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to paint the town Patty.  Although I'm sure there's some weird California law that will even prevent me from doing that.  (There seems to be a lot of strange California laws.  Or is it that Massachusetts just has none at all?)  

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