Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everyday I'm Strugglin'

The past week or so has been WEIRD, guys!  WEIRD! 

Last week, I had a doctor's appointment for a regular check-up/physical/normal stuff.  I told her that I've been dealing with a little more anxiety than usual and that I've been having panic attacks pretty frequently.  Just a few days before, I had a panic attack that came out of nowhere simply by walking down the hallway at work.  There was honestly no trigger whatsoever, I just started getting dizzy and panic-y and almost blacked out.  It was weird.  Typically, panic attacks rise from fear or stress or whatever, but not this time.  

Needless to say, I got put on some anxiety medication and given a list of psychologist referrals.  

Pretty nice for "just a regular check up" huh? 

Then, days later, I started to feel really sick.  I lost my voice completely over the weekend and then could barely breathe and had severe chest pain on Monday, I was forced to leave work and go to the doctor and I had bronchitis.  I was put on antibiotics and prescription cough medicine!  I also was pushed by my office to stay home sick.  I've used 3 sick days this year... I don't know why I keep getting sick.  It's odd. 

Oh, and did I mention that I started a "Whole 30" on Monday where I completely cut out alcohol, sugar, alcohol, grains, beans, alcohol, dairy - did I mention alcohol?  So, while all this is going on, I'm also dealing with a constant headache from the lack of sugar I've been consuming.  Which is probably a good thing in the long run - but it's not the most pleasant thing to deal with during a week where YOU'RE DIAGNOSED WITH EVERYTHING.    

All I'm eating is vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat/protein.  It's really not hard... but I'm wondering how I'm going to maintain it after it's all done.  Mainly the alcohol part.  Man, I'm really selling myself here! 

I'm done complaining.  Or, venting.  Or whatever it is that I'm doing.  But this has been my life for the past week!  

The plus side is that I'm feeling a lot better.  I'm excited that I finally took care of a problem that I've been dealing with for a long time.  I'm trying a WHOLE bunch of new recipes that I've never tried before instead of the same five things I make every single week.  I'm being more healthy, working out and I've got a pretty damn cute cat.  So, life's not that big of a struggle.  This summer has just been a strange, eventful summer.  It's all gonna be all right! 

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