Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Master Cleanse

When I was in my first year of college, I tried to do the Master Cleanse.  It just felt like something I should experience in my life - also I figured it was the "easy" was to lose a couple of pounds pretty quickly so I wouldn't have to actually change my habits long-term or anything.  You know, just your basic eating disorder. 

I ate nothing but crackers, tuna out of a can, lemon water with cayenne for... a day?  Half a day? FOREVER?  (It felt like forever.)  I have no idea how long, but I do know I was ridiculously exhausted and caved in and went to town on a chicken parm sub.  It was a dumb, unhealthy idea.  Eventually, I went the route of Weight Watchers and lost like 40 pounds during what I call "The Summer of 100-Calorie Packs."  

Regardless of my failed attempt at a cleanse, they're all the rage these days.  And there are so many to choose from!  There are even juices that get delivered to your door for the low cost of your entire bank account!  And while I still haven't buckled down and tried a healthy cleanse (and I do know they have their benefits), I thought it was about time to do a different type of cleanse and purify my entire life, not just my toxic, toxic insides. 

Here's the type of cleanse I'm talking about: 

- Checking my work e-mail less when I'm not at work.  Let's face it, I'm not important. Nobody needs me that much.  I'm so low on the spectrum, there's really no need to check it multiple times a night or weekend day. 

- Less sitting on my couch and watching TV until I do some type of physical activity.  If I need something, I'll walk to the further away grocery store.  If I don't need anything, I'll do yoga in my living room.  I don't want to live such a stationary lifestyle, especially now that I drive so much and sit down at work all day.  

- Spending less time caring about people who don't offer anything positive to my life.  The people who spend all their time complaining about how miserable their existence is without even remotely trying to do anything about it (while simultaneously putting you down)... no place for them in my brain, they occupy enough space in their own brains anyway. 

-  Making more green smoothies.  I just started making them and they're the best remedy for laziness and getting your fruit and vegetable servings.  It's so easy to throw spinach/kale, ice and a couple of fruits in a blender!  My favorite so far has been spinach, mango, green apple and green grapes. It's better than crackers and cayenne water, right?! 

- Not drinking like it's my last night on Earth on the weekends.  C'mon, girl, you don't need that entire bottle of wine and then some, right?  Sure, it's delicious but it's bad news. 

- Less social media.  Actually, make that Facebook.  Just less of that.  It's a killer. 

Let's all do a nice summer cleanse.  Maybe get outside every now and then, live our lives - step away from the computers.  Eat crackers, tuna and lemon water with cayenne! 

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