Thursday, August 7, 2014

Exes and Songs

An "ex" took this pic.  An Ellie Goulding song reminds me of this night. 

Music typically plays a big role in relationships.  There are always songs that you listened to or were just simply on in the background of a relationship.  When Beau and I first started dating, he got me hooked on Spotify and we would constantly just send songs to each other that we thought the other would like, or just songs that made us think of each other.  I remember sending him "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" from She & Him and he sent be "Go" by Common.  So... super romantic.  (It's a pretty gross song.) 

A few years ago, I dated this guy who turned out to just be the worst.  I still cannot believe that I even wasted any time with him. However, the summer that we spent "flirting" and "courting each other" (nobody uses that term anymore and it's a damn shame) is still one of my favorite summers and it was full of great music. I remember staying up ALL NIGHT and chatting with him on Facebook messenger while he sent me albums to download and songs to play.  I remember listening to those songs while going for jogs on the waterfront and thinking about how sweet he was for sending them to me and thinking of me.  

Of course, like I said, he turned out to be the worst so moments like that are kind of laughable.  Our "relationship" quickly fizzled out... well, at least for me.  But the music he introduced me to has still stuck around! 

I've been listening to it a lot lately - all Ellie Goulding and Lyyke Li and Little Boots and it's been nice to travel down memory lane. Even if the memories aren't so great (but they're not horrible, just kind of funny) - it's a funny little thing how music can do that to us and totally transport us to another place and time.  

Every relationship has its own mixed CD (not literally, but I wish) and even when the men are gone from my life, listening to the old songs always makes me smile.  From the first guy I dated in junior high/high school with whom I listened to a lot of Shaggy to the guy who welcomed me into his apartment for the first time playing Otis Redding's Greatest Hits. 

Some songs bring good memories (Otis Redding pretty much constantly) and some songs bring bad memories (I cannot listen to Regina Spektor because her album reminds me of a very bad end of something.)  But either way, every now and then it's fun to listen to those old songs to give you a break from the soundtrack of your present.  Good memories and bad! 

What songs remind you of certain periods/relationships in your life?  I think it's such an interesting journey to go down.  Yes, I still listen to the song "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy every now and then and somehow reflect HAPPILY on a past relationship with a guy who is probably somewhere dead in an Everett ditch right now.  

Oh, music.  You're great.  And horrible.  And great.  

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