Sunday, September 7, 2014

And now, Joan Rivers.

While it was only a few weeks ago that I was here feeling sad about Robin Williams, now I'm back feeling sad about Joan Rivers.  

Joan Rivers was a major comedian.  She was successful for decades.  She created her own brand and style of comedy and remained consistent the entire way through.  She never apologized for who she was, for what she said, for the things she did.  If you haven't seen her documentary, you should.  It's pretty damn great and showcases one of the hardest working women in Hollywood.  

She's amazing. 

And yes, it's true that she opened doors and broke ground for women in comedy.  She totally changed the game! But it's really sad to me that she was still such a joke to a lot of people.  A joke that she was in on, of course - she made fun of her plastic surgeries just as much - if not more than - everyone else. 

I hate when it takes death for people to recognize the talent and scope of a person's career.  I guess it's better than nothing, but it's just sad for the person.  Robin Williams died and the world exploded because it was like a piece of ourselves - and our childhoods - died with him.  
With Joan Rivers, it's different.  For me, it just proves how nothing can last forever.  I honestly never expected to see Joan Rivers die, which is admittedly crazy, but she was such a staple.  An ageless piece of culture that would surpass us all.  

I'm thankful for her.  I know she didn't enjoy being told that she was this icon for female comedians, but it's just the damn truth.  Her sense of humor is not for everyone - and she didn't give a shit.  She didn't try to be something she wasn't.  She didn't try to change her act to fit some sort of mold or expectation.  She didn't knock down Johnny Carson's door to make him "take her back" in a way.  She was the queen of shrugging it all off and saying, "That's life, this is me, let's move on."  

I envy her.  And I hope one day I have the confidence that she did.  I'm sad that she's gone, but I'm super happy that she has moved into LEGEND territory.  Everyone knows her and future generations will know her for years to come.  What a woman.

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