Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dating in Los Angeles

Ninety nine times out of a hundred, I'm too broke to spend any money outside of the clearance bread section at Ralph's.  But sometimes, when I have money, I like to leave my apartment, not turn my stove on and go on a "date."  

Los Angeles is good because it has a ton of options... because it's a giant monster city. And Happy Hours are everywhere... because people drive here and it makes sense to drink as much - and as cheap - as possible in two hours and then drive to your destination!  But hey, I'm not complaining because there are pretty great ones in walking distance... even though, OF COURSE I drive there anyway.  

Last night was one of the ninety nine times out of a hundred that I was broke, but our friends Matt and Jen took us out on a date because we're amazing dog sitters who remember to feed their dog, water their cats and whisper to their plants.  We walked down Sunset and had $3 beers during happy hour and $2 tacos during Taco Tuesdays.   Then we went upstairs to an independent movie theatre and watched a movie for $5 each.  That is something I would have paid for if I was paying for that night out!   

We saw Life of Crime and it was really great.  I loved all the characters and I loved that it took place in the 70's.  Isla Fischer is really hot, huh?  Yeah, she is.  Oh, so is Mos Def!  But also, the story was good.  Weird good.  

Date nights are great nights and fun breaks during a work week.  It makes my life feel a little more exciting for a few hours and it makes my work week go by quicker, thus making me feel less wanting-to-die-y.   Here are some tips for your upcoming date nights: 

- Start the night off right... by downing a Bud Lite Mangorita. 
- Wear new shoes, forgetting that new shoes need breaking in so they'll hurt your feet. 
- Don't bother changing your outfit after work, even though you should, because eh - who are you trying to impress anyway? 
- Never spend over $20 on ANYONE, no matter how much you like their appearance. 
- Stay in your neighborhood so you don't have to drive... because your car is leased and you really shouldn't be racking on those miles.  
- Worry about your cat while you're out.  What if she fell through the window?  What if she is hungry and out of food?  What if she popped the air mattress that is blown up for absolutely no reason? 
- Walk in, pass out... with one last Bud Lite Mangorita in your hand. 

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