Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How To Live Life

One of the most monumental (to me) books that I have ever read is "Live from New York" - an oral history of Saturday Night Live.  It was released twelve years ago and I read it during the summer of 2005.  I had just moved out of my college dorm and had time to myself and a whole summer ahead of me and as soon as I finished that book, I enrolled in improv classes.  It was just one of those things.  

As corny as it sounds, it totally changed my life.  It was the beginning of my comedy life.  It jumpstarted the whole damn thing.  And now, I'm just as much of a comedy nerd.  I spend every morning and evening listening to Marc Maron's WTF Podcast and reading as many books and articles that I can on the people I love and admire most.  It's pretty silly and great.  

The author released an update to the book this week - and I am SO excited.  It was released so long ago and a lot has happened in the past twelve years.  Vulture did an interview with the author that can be read here.  And you can just go ahead and leave it to me to find deeper life meaning in a pretty straightforward answer: 

Have you been let into the room during that time between dress and show?
 I have been in that room. I have.

What is it like?
It's interesting because it goes to the nature of who Lorne is, and the type of leader he is.  It's a place for advocacy and it's a place for passion. And you have to make your case,       and you have to make it quick. Because remember, time's wasting.

For whatever reason (or very obvious reasons), that response totally shook me.  

Granted, he's referring to an extremely stressful two hours or so in between dress rehearsal and the live show on Saturday nights.  If things didn't work at dress, it's fight or flight.  Defend your piece or abandon your piece - or leave it to Lorne, the director/producer/boss, to make the RIGHT decision for that week's show.  

However, I took it to mean something much more. (I'm an over-thinker!) It's no secret that the past year has been a strange one for old Barrett.  I moved away, left the road I had been traveling down for years in search of whatever the fuck was up next.  It's hard to make time for everything you want to do and it's hard to even FIGURE OUT what you want to do.  But reading that made me realize that our lives are a place for advocacy and passion.  It's a place for fighting for what you want and loving (and sometimes hating) but at the VERY least feeling creatively fulfilled with what we're doing. 

There's no TIME to be unhappy or scared - there is no place in the timeline of our life for that.  We should spend every minute fighting for ourselves and finding our passion and just mother-fucking-going-for-it.  (Unless, of course, your passion is something terrible - like murdering people and stealing their skin.  DO NOT DO THAT.) 

Maybe I'm crazy.  And maybe finding that meaning in that quote was a REAL stretch.  But whatever, this is my blog.  It's MY place to write what's at the top of my mind - and the top of my mind is an awkward pool of self-loathing mixed with an inspirational, can-do attitude.  My mind sucks!

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Unknown said...

Um, that is like my favorite book of all time. I didn't realize there was a new version! I must get it immediately.



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