Saturday, November 1, 2014


 I have always been punctual.  

Actually, punctual isn't even the right word - I'm never on time.  I'm more like fifteen minutes early on a good day... an hour on a GREAT day. Doctor's appointment at 9:30?  Sure, I'll leave at 8am even though it's only 15 minutes away.  Meeting a friend for dinner at 6:30pm?  Better leave work at 5 then, y'know, to secure a table.  I'm in a show that starts at 8pm and call time is 7:30?  Better get there for 5! 

(Can you tell I have an anxiety disorder?)

I'm habitually early to every party I've ever been invited to, even when I try not to be.  I pack for every vacation that I'm taking days in advance, sometimes weeks.  So, it's no surprise that for me - Christmas season doesn't start in December, or even the day after Thanksgiving.  Christmas season starts TODAY.  November 1st.  That's two full months of holiday spirit, do you feel me? I've been checking my countdown to Christmas every day for MONTHS and it's finally coming around the bend!

I love grabbing a triple nonfat latte in a red cup at Starbucks!  I love walking around a mall covered WAY TOO EARLY in giant bells, garland and ornaments.  And yes, you better believe I appreciate when Christmas music comes on radio stations "too early."  In fact, I'll probably beat radio stations to it and just start listening to it on my own.  Who am I kidding?  I already have!  (I'm guilty for listening to "Opera of the Bells" by Destiny's Child the other day.  It came on shuffle.  Or something.)  

In high school, I would buy a Christmas scented candle on November 1st and watch QVC Christmas specials all day long.  Yeah, that's right - QVC!  I never bought anything, but man - did I love seeing their studio decked out in Christmas decor.  I buy gifts early.  I decorate as early as possible.  My family has put up all their decorations on Thanksgiving for years... and that's only because there are huge windows and people can see if we put them up any earlier.

This year, the tree will be going in the corner of my apartment that is not near a window and I couldn't be happier, because that means I can get a tree, like... now.  Today I'll be going to Target, buying a pine-scented candle and listening to She and Him's Christmas album as soon as I get home.  

The next TWO months will be spent watching all of my favorite Christmas movies: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Elf, Christmas Vacation, It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and ALL OF THE ABC FAMILY CHRISTMAS MOVIES. YES, EVEN THE TERRIBLE ONES. OK, THEY'RE ALL TERRIBLE - BUT I LOVE THEM. 

I'll probably even make a playlist of every Christmas special of my favorite TV shows.  While I'm at it! 

I don't care if it's "too soon" or if "Christmas isn't what it used to be because I'm an adult"... I just don't care.  I'm making it the happy holiday that it is.  I'm saving all my money, buying some good presents and I'm going to be in Boston for two full weeks.  

Get ready people, Christmas is here.  And Patty Barrett is gonna bring all the cheer.

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