Tuesday, December 30, 2014

This Year, I…

performed in my "last" MainStage show at IA. 

moved to los angeles, california. 

started a new job.

visited santa monica.

shot a really fun web series with my friends (and clover.)

adopted the perfect kitten and named her ruthie. 

spent my birthday weekend at crystal cove in newport beach.

…and disneyland. 

visited boston a few times.

saw steve martin at the hollywood bowl.

took a surf lesson at manhattan beach… and a skateboarding lesson at venice beach.
in one day.

watched movies in a cemetery.

had a few awesome visits from friends.

played the most epic game of monopoly.

made some new friends

went to vegas for marty's birthday

went to an adorable harvest festival.

hiked runyon canyon. 

spent a lot of time in my building's pool and hot tub.

saw my first bruins game (in LA naturally)

performed in my first los angeles improv show

leased a car.

Damn guys.  2014 was insane.  So many changes, so much awkwardness and weirdness and adjustment and ugh, it was just WEIRD.  But looking back through my Instagram and seeing all those moments makes me really happy.  This year was full on crazy, but it was full of awesome stuff.  I had so much fun and Los Angeles has really started to feel like home (almost a full year later.) 

Try something new this year.  It might be weird and difficult… and really hard while you're IN it - but at the end, when you look back, it was TOTALLY worth it.  And more great things tend to happen when you shake things up than not. 

I'm super excited for 2015.  Especially since I don't have a major move planned and have a year in Los Angeles under my belt.  I love a new year!  It's so hopeful and exciting and almost always disappointing as the year goes on and gets completely monotonous!  But whatever.  I like getting excited about things.  I might have some resolutions, I don't know - but all in all, I would like 2015 to be a very good year?  I guess that's safe to say.  

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