Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Tale of Two Coasts

I was born and raised in Everett, Massachusetts.  A rough and tumble city that borders Boston to the north.  It's cold in the winter, warm in the spring, hot in the summer and chilly in the fall.  From there, I can drive to the beach, the mountains, the whateverIwant within an hour or two and Boston is literally a ten minute drive away.  I can also get any drug I want at any hour!  It's the little things.

I didn't realize how different the rest of the country could be.  I had zero perspective when I lived on the east coast.  But now that I'm over here in the OLD WEST, I realize that things are incredibly different and weird.

I'm a fast-paced broad living in a casual town.  (I'll never say that again.)

Here's an East Coast Perspective On California: 

Sunshine.  The east coast is going nuts right now and Boston is covered in snow, so I'm going to get some shit for saying this.  But, sometimes, I hate the sun with a passion.  When I wake up hungover… or sick... or just in the mood to be lazy all day, there's the sun constantly shining its bright rays on my lazy face.  I swear to God if I looked out the window, I'd see a cartoon sun wearing sunglasses calling everyone who chooses to stay inside that day a FAT ASSHOLE.

Commuting.  Bostonians are bad, aggressive drivers.  Whatever, I get it.  What else do you expect from us when our streets are the way that they are?  California driving is incredibly streamlined and regulated due to the amount of cars on the road.  Rush "hour" is four hours long and during those hours, you are unable to turn left on some streets so you won't hold up traffic.  Driving on the freeways is basically impossible and surface roads are your (traffic light and stop sign ridden) friend.  I commute six to eight miles to and from work… and it takes just under an hour.  People honk their horns and are quick to scream at you for things that would be considered "good driving" in Boston.  It's a god damn nightmare.

There's also very little public transportation and the bus system is pretty insane.  My boyfriend lives 3 miles from his work.  It takes 8 minutes to drive there, 20 minutes to bike there, 45 minutes to walk there and about two hours to get there by bus.

Local Pride. Doesn't exist.  Everyone is from everywhere.  When the Patriots were in the Superbowl, the whole city was quiet and normal and you could barely tell there was a big game on.  You walk through Boston during a sports game (I love sports) and everyone is tense.  Everyone is decked out in their team's colors.  Everyone is excited and happy and they if they win, the city has the energy of Disney World the next day even when you don't care about sports.  If they lose, the city is somber and sad and nobody speaks.  Los Angeles is laid back, low key and California pride is shown very differently.  It's shown less through sports and more through graphic muscle tees and floppy sun hats.

Work.  I worked at a marketing agency in Boston that was pretty casual.  We considered the dress code "creative casual."  You certainly didn't need to wear suits or blazers, but it was a little controlled.  I thought I had hit the jackpot of casual work environments.  I got an hour lunch break!  I got to drink a beer in the afternoon sometimes when we had parties!  When we wanted to build our teams, there was usually a bar and some french fries involved.

My new agency in California has no dress code (I have seen girls in crop tops and loose tanks that show their bras… their BRAS!)  There are beer taps, wine taps and if we drink too much at work, the company will pay for us to Uber home.  People choose sitting on couches - or the hammocks outside - over working inside at their desks.  And just this morning, one team went to a SoulCycle class together for a bonding experience.  In the morning.  And strolled into the office at 10:30am.

Happy Hours.  They're the best thing about L.A.  Cheap drinks and cheap food everywhere!  Happy hours are against the law in Boston, so it's nice to be able to still be able to go out and drink for cheap.  Also BYOB is great and bottomless mimosas are too.  Los Angeles is full of amazing restaurants and fun bars.

Just don't be surprised when they're located in a random strip mall.

And there's only valet parking available (where the guy will take your car just to park it in the space directly in front of you.)  

And it takes 45 minutes to get there because even at 9pm, the 101 and the 10 and the 405 are packed.

L.A. is the city that I love to hate.  So basically, it's the healthiest relationship I've ever been in.

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