Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It's Monday night and I'm watching The Simpsons on my couch… which is something that happens pretty frequently around here ever since every episode was made available on FX Now. 

I love television more than I should.   I watch it more than I should.  I talk about it more than I should.  If I had it my way, I would find a job in television that also let me talk about television all the time.  I don't nerd out about anything nearly as much as I do TV.  In fact, most of my close friendships have become stronger through a shared love for TV shows.  That's a sad fact about me. 

I am having a lot of problems lately with my body.  Everything hurts all the time and the chiropractor I went to made me feel really great and then he told me how much it would cost to go through with his treatment and I haven't been back since.  But I did buy a foam roller.  Everything pretty much still hurts. 

I am annoyed with drinking. 

I am enjoying getting older and slowly but surely approaching 30.  I can't wait to be 30.  I'm going to be the best 30 year old.  I'm really going to live my best life when I'm 30, just like Oprah says I will. 

I wear a lot of wife beaters lately.  I don't know what else to call them… because that is what I've always called them.  Ribbed tank tops?  Sounds worse. 

It's been kind of chilly in Los Angeles lately… and I like it.  But I also like it when it's warm out.  Either way, I'm going to wear my leather jacket. 

Sometimes I feel bad for liking my day job as much as I do.  It was only supposed to be something I did to pay the bills… and now it's like a place that I enjoy spending my time and I care about what I'm doing and the success of the company matters to me.  But don't worry, I want to be a writer more than anything - and I also hate myself as much as ever! 

I worry that my cat is my best friend. Just kidding. Haha. Not really. She's awesome. She sleeps in the closet. 

I kind of want to get married. But I also kind of realize that so many of my friends are doing that these days and that I am just caught up in wedding fever and I'm not entirely emotionally prepared for a marriage, because me and Beau are both poor and financially irresponsible… but it seems worth it for one day of attention. 

I accidentally put Premium gas in my car today and I thought that my car would blow up as soon as I turned the car on.  I Google'd it though, and apparently I'm a fucking idiot. 

Speaking of cars, I got a flat tire in a McDonald's parking lot last week while on a mission to buy 100 nuggets.  Beau changed the tire and I was pretty impressed… then I ate 25 nuggets and felt sick for so many days.  Gudernatch ate 50 nuggets though… so there you go. 

I really like snap pea crisps and I also need a new coffee maker. 

My prescription sunglasses are stronger than my regular glasses and now I have a constant headache and I also only see rainbow colors when I wear the sunglasses. All in all, am I going blind? 

That is all. 

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