Monday, June 1, 2015


I'm going to Boston ON WEDNESDAY. I'm so excited to eat Kelly's Roast Beef at midnight and visit my friends in NH and eat delicious French food with my sister and celebrate my friend Eric's wedding and hang out with all of my friends and have an all around great time. Can't wait.

I got a sunburn today on my chest and my nose. It's real bad.

I recently got my hair done at a new salon in Burbank. It's retro 60's themed. I got blonde highlights. It was a great experience.

I went to Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago for my birthday... I LOVE PALM SPRINGS. It's a city built in my dreams. It still feels like it lives in the 60's, it's surrounded by gorgeous mountains, it's a straight shot two hour drive from L.A. I can't wait to go back!

My day job offered me a writing project and it has taken all of my time the past couple of weeks and it's been pretty fucking time consuming and awesome. I've felt oddly alive again. Like back in the writer's room/production process/nerdy shit. I'm happy.

I also just organized the intern program and hired 42 interns for my agency. It kicked off today and was a giant success (as of the first day) and I'm SO happy. I've got to be honest, it feels really fucking great to see a project through to the finish line. And frankly, everyone we hired is really great. This is going to be a super fun summer with my two full time jobs.

I think I'm adopting another cat next week. She was found on the street, she's a baby kitten and she's a survivor. I want to name her Reba. Ruthie and Reba!

Lately I've been oddly happy in my career. It's weird and all over the place and I like it. I don't even know how to define my career... but whatever it is, it's great.

Parks and Recreation is the best TV show ever. I never get sick of it. I watch it every night before I go to bed.

I made gummy bears soaked in Malibu rum last week and I thought it'd be gross and mostly just a joke... but they turned out surprisingly amazing and WAY better than vodka gummy bears because Malibu has a flavor. They tasted like tiny little pina colada bites. So good. Try it.

I turned 29 two weeks ago. I have one year left until I'm 30. I'm not scared of turning 30... but I feel like I have to do something big this year. Eh. Whatever.

In other news, I'm feeling more and more like an adult lately. I went to a friend's house in Venice to see her brand new baby (her second) and I had this moment of, "Oh man, this is what adults do." It only took 10 years to realize that I'm an adult.

My friend Doug made me a Miss Piggy cake for my birthday. It was covered in bacon. It was AMAZING.

Thanks for listening, Rob. (My only blog reader.)

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