Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Star Wars. I watched it.

I've never watched Star Wars until this weekend.

I just... I don't know. It wasn't something I watched as a kid. In fact, I've watched Spaceballs over and over and over, but never the actual movie it was parodying. Mel Brooks was my childhood jam than classic Sci-Fi movies.

Here are my thoughts: 

The movie reminds me a lot of Harry Potter. Maybe it's just the good vs. evil thing and the fact that it's two guys and a girl (and a Wookie) (and droids) on an adventure for freedom - but there were a lot of similar themes. Just an observation.

I like R2D2. He's my favorite character.

The moment where Darth Vader tells Luke that he's his father was pretty anticlimactic considering it's one of the biggest lines of all time. Maybe it was the way he said it... with less conviction and emotion than I thought. He just casually dropped the line as if he was saying, "My cape is black."

On another note, I always liked that Darth Vader guy and knew he'd be good in the end. That was not something I even knew about the moving going into it.

I hate the special effects that were added in the 90's/2000's. Awful.

I like Muppets. Man... Jim Henson -- what a career! What a weird guy! The Muppets in this reminded me of the Muppets from Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal and the first season of SNL... which is about right considering the time, but it's so funny to me that he created all those weird fucking puppets and then taught kids how to count every morning.

Chewbaca is really vocal about his emotions and all of his emotions sound exactly the same... but FUCK if he's not just adorable.

I know Ewoks aren't popular... BUT I LOVED THEM. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!

I have followed Carrie Fischer's career for a while. I've read all of her books and seen her perform her one-woman show live and I just adore her... so it's weird to see her in Star Wars as the "hot woman." I mean, she was great and gorgeous but it's so different than the Carrie Fischer that I know and love. Which is funny, because THAT'S the version most people know and love and fantasize about and gross.

Yoda was so much better than I thought. Before seeing this, I thought of him as this wise, ancient asshole... which he was! But he was funny, too! It's OK if you're an asshole as long as you have a sense of humor.

I could watch Muppets move all day long. Yoda jumping around and eating Luke's shit? So funny. You should also watch Kermit riding a bike in Muppets Take Manhattan. Hilarious. I digress.

Harrison Ford was handsome.


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