Monday, July 20, 2015

Plan B Weekend

this is a picture of iced tea. 

Good intentions were at the very beginning of this past weekend.

Beau and I both just got paid so we were ready to go out after being broke for what felt like years. Instead, we decided to order in and watch the brand new season of BoJack Horseman. To kick off the night, we drank weed. Yeah, we drank it. Have I mentioned we haven't been drinking alcohol? Well, we haven't been drinking alcohol. We live in California so we might as well weed (is that what people say?)

Anyways, I passed out before episode two.

On Saturday, I got an early start on the day... which happens when you pass out around 9pm from too much weeding. I made a pot of coffee, drank said pot of coffee and went to Target to "pick up a few things." My goal this weekend was to not spend too much money since I have friends visiting in two weeks.

That goal was immediately blown when I left Target with a giant mirror, a leopard print dress, razors and absolutely nothing that I went there for. Oh well. At least I now have a full-length mirror in my bedroom to further examine all of my flaws.

I picked Beau up from work and we had every intention of going out for dinner and seeing a movie in Los Feliz. It was pouring out so naturally traffic from my apartment in West Hollywood to Los Feliz was backed up for 45 minutes. We drove by the Los Feliz theater to see a huge line wrapped around the block. Since it was pouring rain and I wasn't hungry enough for dinner,  we drove back to Hollywood to see what the ArcLight had to offer.

It only had single seats to offer for the 5pm showing of Trainwreck and nothing together. We decided to go home, get out of the rain, order in and rent a movie.

Renting a movie turned into finishing BoJack Horseman, starting the final season of Gilmore Girls and falling asleep around 11:30pm.

I woke up this morning and thought, "Today is the day!" And it was the day... for a serious stomach ache. I ached and I ached and I cleaned the house and I ached some more but I didn't want to give up on having a weekend outside of the apartment. Beau needed new shoes for work so we hit up the Beverly Center and somehow wound up a half hour earlier than every person who worked there. We walked around like two senior citizens trying to get a work out in and eventually realized the store wasn't there anymore.

After that bust, we thought we'd give Los Feliz another shot.  However, the box office wasn't open yet for the 1:10 matinee so we decided to eat, despite my not feeling well.

After eating, we showed up the box office and it still wasn't open BUT we were the first people in line! Right after we showed up, people started forming a line behind us. "We're winning this weekend!" I thought. Then Beau said, "We probably don't have to wait in line for another half hour, we could probably walk around and come back." I agreed.

We walked down the street to one cute little store and found a $34 candle before I realized I don't need a fucking $34 candle and also that a candle is what I meant to buy at Target the day before! So we walked back to the theater no less than five minutes after leaving and THE LINE WAS WRAPPED AROUND THE BLOCK.

Sure, other movies were playing, but were all those adults with no children there to see Minions or Amy? No! Seemingly everyone in East Los Angeles wanted to see what we wanted to see.

We waited outside for minutes upon minutes on one of the ONLY 90 degree humid days I've ever experienced in California before realizing I wasn't feeling well at all. I was sweating and couldn't breathe and I had to go home. We abandoned the line and went home where I stayed in bed all day watching old episodes of Great Hotels on YouTube with a hot water bottle on my back.

Here's to next weekend. Hopefully I'll have what I needed at Target by then.

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