Monday, August 24, 2020

Things to Love on a Monday: Jessica Simpson, Hygge and Poopy Bathrobes

Hi! Hello! It's Monday!

This week's post is dedicated to Jessica Vaughan, who always reads my blog posts without me asking her to.

Watch: Real Housewives of New York 

Honestly. I’m not over Bunheads and I’m angry that it only had one season. So, I haven’t watched much television this past week because my heart is still sore. 

Regardless, my year is divided into housewives seasons -- and this year, New York is my FAVORITE. It started out weird with Dorinda fighting with Tinsley for seemingly no reason. But, once Tinsley was out of the picture (and boy, was I ready for that) things really picked up. Sonja is hilarious, LuAnn is having the season of her life, Dorinda is a mess but I can’t help but love her… but LEAH. Leah has come from the heavens to breathe life into this show in a post-Bethanny and Carole world. 

I also love it because it’s such a fun way to stay in touch with two of my friends (Kelly and Scotty). We all live in different states, but every week we blow up our group chat with our thoughts on that week’s episode and a serious concern for Ramona’s poop issues. She POOPED HER BATHROBE! Come on. 

Read: Open Book by Jessica Simpson 

I’m surprised by how much I loved this book. I cried twice before reaching chapter five. There’s a story about a baby that she and her mother had saved, and her cousin dying in a horrific car accident. (She was CRUSHED by a HORSE.) She is really honest and seems totally sweet. Plus, it helps that there is some good gossip in there. But she handles everything really well and doesn’t paint any negative pictures of anyone (except John Mayer, but he did that to himself) and she takes accountability for the roles she played. It’s a super fun, easy read… which I really needed. 

Afterwards, I watched all of her music videos on YouTube and they’re all terrible but it was fun. It took me right back to 2001 when I wore matching sweatsuits from Gap and cried into bags of Doritos, not understanding why I didn’t look like Jessica Simpson. 

Listen: The Officer’s Wife 

Spoiler alert: She lives! But can’t remember anything :( 

Do: Mellow Vinyasa right before bed 

Now that I’m not full of alcohol by the time I go to sleep, I’ve been working on switching up my bed-time routine. Most nights, I take the dog out while listening to a murder podcast. That way, I can really increase my anxiety before bed. Then I do my skincare routine (while still listening to the murder podcast.) I brush my teeth and turn off the podcast only to climb into bed to read a few chapters of a murder-y book.  

Last week, I switched things up by cutting out the murder and doing a virtual mellow vinyasa class right before bed and it put me in the perfect headspace to fall asleep. I put a candle on and did the class almost entirely in the dark and it was so lovely. I had the best night of sleep I’ve had in a long time. 

I take virtual classes at Barre & Soul (my studio is in Melrose, but they also have studios in Harvard Square, Wayland Square, RI and Portsmouth, NH… PLUS VIRTUALLY). I also highly recommend Yoga with Adriene.

Buy: All the cozy things. 

I am also reading a book on hygge, which is the Danish/Scandanavian way of living a happy life. It is an action and a lifestyle. It’s all about creating a cozy and convivial life, which is perfect as we go into fall… even though the New England weather WILL NOT COMPLY. 

I’ve bought this pajama set from Target. I actually have it in two colors because it’s so soft. This fireside candle

This Opalhouse throw

And these slippers.



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