Monday, August 17, 2020

Things to Love on a Monday: A Reboot

Back in my blogging days, I'd write a post every Monday called, "Things to Love on a Monday" that contained a weekly list of things I found on the internet through other people's more successful blogs and included pictures that were definitely stolen. In fact, I can't even go back and read most of those posts because the links are all broken and the pictures don't show up. Oh, how the internet has changed.

I'd like to reboot the series... for myself because I'm bored. I figure it's a fun, sexy way to keep a pandemic diary of all the things I've loved and watched. I spend 90% of my time at home - because I'm still doing that - and I have lost my usual creative outlet to Covid-19... SO DEAL WITH IT.

Thanks for following along! (This message is to Casey, my only friend who has ever read this blog. Hi Casey. Cool red hair.)

Watch: Bunheads on Hulu

How did I sleep on this show for so long?  I’m a fan of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s work (Gilmore Girls, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and I also love Younger (which also stars Sutton Foster), so HOW DID I DISREGARD THIS ONE? It’s somehow better than Gilmore Girls (I know, I’m crazy) and less of a commitment than Mrs. Maisel. I wish it had way more than one season. It deserved more than one season. If you’re looking for something to watch when you run out of television like I have, DON’T SKIP THIS ONE. Unless you hate joy!

Read: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

It’s got all the things one needs in a book: murder, May/December romance, white-collar crime and ghosts. Oh! Also it’s less than 300 pages. That is my favorite trait in a book. That, and pictures.

The plot centers around the aftermath of disturbing graffiti on the window of a Canadian hotel. Spoiler alert: The hotel is made of glass! It follows the people there that night and takes the reader on a journey through personal identity struggles and the fall of a large Ponzi scheme (based on Bernie Madoff.)

Read the New Yorker review here. It is far more eloquent than I am.

Listen: Believed 

This came out in 2018, so I’m late to this. It’s an NPR podcast about the Larry Nassar scandal. I watched two documentaries on it (Athlete A and At The Heart of Gold) and followed it while it was happening, but for some reason - the podcast hit even harder. It was emotional and terrible and FUCK USA Gymnastics. 

Do: Wine Class at Rebel Rebel Wine Bar 

I’m taking a break from drinking for a little while, but I took a couple of virtual wine classes with my sister during the quarantine. They were so much fun! We went to the bar in Somerville to purchase the wines and then learned about them (and drank them) from afar. Yes, it does mean that we split two bottles of wine between the two of us and we sufficiently got way too drunk for a Sunday. But, man, was it an educational drunk! 

If you're not local, you can still take the class! The bar will give you recommendations similar to the wines they're sampling so you can find something closer to you. The class is only $10 (or $15 with a donation) and the sommelier is super passionate and knowledgeable without being pretentious.

Buy: Taper candles and rosehip oil

I got a really bad sunburn while I was vacationing down the Cape, and I immediately started applying rosehip oil when I got home. It still ended up peeling, but I avoided the usual intense scarring that follows my horrible sunburns. (Disclaimer: I haven't got burnt like this in YEARS because I am very serious about SPF! But I somehow missed my chest!!!) I’ve been using it daily as a face oil for years and my skin has never been better. 

Oh, and taper candles. They’re such a mess! I even bought “dripless” candles, but nope - that’s not a thing. However, despite the fact my coffee table is covered in melted wax, it made my living room super cozy during fall-like weather this past weekend and I felt like I was living in the Victorian dramedy THAT I DESERVE TO LIVE IN.

OK. That's it! Have a good life.

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