Monday, September 14, 2020

Things to Love on a Monday: A Murder Podcast, Fall Movie Bucket List + Cinnamon Brooms

It’s Monday! My favorite day of the week. No, that’s a dumb lie. It’s not.

My favorite day of the week is actually EVERY DAY... between 6am and 8am when I am up, drinking coffee and watching Dateline with zero expectations. It all goes downhill from there. 

This past week was rough in terms of world news. The fires are roaring and creeping their way up the west coast. My poor friends from L.A. to Portland can barely go outside because the air quality is so bad. The pandemic is still very much a thing. The president is a liar, and not even facts can prove his followers otherwise. I feel like I’m living in an alternate universe and I don’t know what to do. 

So… here’s what I am offering up to the gods (aka you three readers) this week: 

BUY: Cinnamon brooms. Trader Joe’s has amazing marketing in the sense that they don’t need to do any marketing at all (which they don’t, aside from their own in-store flyer) because word of mouth and new product launches do all the work for them. But, here I am, marketing them anyway. 

Anyways, these CINNAMON BROOMS they sell are like two bucks. I put them on the door to Ruthie’s bathroom (it’s a pantry that I don’t use as a pantry) and it perfectly covers the scent of cat litter, and y’know, the stuff that litter is used for. Additionally, it makes the apartment smell delightful. I plan on purchasing a few more and crying into them every night until it’s time to switch to whatever the Christmas version of cinnamon brooms are. Sleighs? That would be appropriate, right? If they’re going with seasonally themed transportation???

Also, buy these paper bats and floating LED candles for a perfect Halloween window display that will transition well to Christmas (just remove the bats) (OR put Santa hats on them!!!) Santa Bats!!!! 

READ: If You’re Already Dreading Winter, Here Are Small Ways to Prepare Now 

I’m a dreader. I fucking love September thru December because it’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. Then January hits and there’s no more MERRIMENT or JOY and it’s COLD and it SUCKS. So I’m preparing in advance. I'm anticipating a lot of forced hygge.

And one book recommendation of the week: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. 10/10. Brilliant. Heartbreaking. HARD TO READ, but you should read it anyway. The book follows eight generations of descendants of two half-sisters from 18th century Ghana. They have incredibly different experiences. It’s so, so difficult to read… but eye-opening (for white people) and amazing storytelling. 

LISTEN: The Piketown Massacre. 

WHAT THE FUCK? How had I never heard of this story before?! The Piketown Massacre is a true-crime podcast about the worst mass murder in Ohio’s history. It only just happened within the last few years. A whole family was hunted down and murdered… in one day… in various locations. There are still episodes coming out, so if you like to wait and binge, then do that. I tried to but ultimately gave in.

WATCH: Fall movies. I don't like super scary movies, so I'm not adding them to my personal list. But here is my list of autumnal movies:

1. When Harry Met Sally

2. Sleepy Hollow

3. Heathers

4. You've Got Mail

5. Little Women

6. Nightmare Before Christmas

7. Beetlejuice

8. Death Becomes Her

9. Addam's Family Values

10. What We Do In The Shadows

I'm going to take a nap now. On a Monday morning. It seems right.

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