Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Everyday I'm Strugglin'

The past week or so has been WEIRD, guys!  WEIRD! 

Last week, I had a doctor's appointment for a regular check-up/physical/normal stuff.  I told her that I've been dealing with a little more anxiety than usual and that I've been having panic attacks pretty frequently.  Just a few days before, I had a panic attack that came out of nowhere simply by walking down the hallway at work.  There was honestly no trigger whatsoever, I just started getting dizzy and panic-y and almost blacked out.  It was weird.  Typically, panic attacks rise from fear or stress or whatever, but not this time.  

Needless to say, I got put on some anxiety medication and given a list of psychologist referrals.  

Pretty nice for "just a regular check up" huh? 

Then, days later, I started to feel really sick.  I lost my voice completely over the weekend and then could barely breathe and had severe chest pain on Monday, I was forced to leave work and go to the doctor and I had bronchitis.  I was put on antibiotics and prescription cough medicine!  I also was pushed by my office to stay home sick.  I've used 3 sick days this year... I don't know why I keep getting sick.  It's odd. 

Oh, and did I mention that I started a "Whole 30" on Monday where I completely cut out alcohol, sugar, alcohol, grains, beans, alcohol, dairy - did I mention alcohol?  So, while all this is going on, I'm also dealing with a constant headache from the lack of sugar I've been consuming.  Which is probably a good thing in the long run - but it's not the most pleasant thing to deal with during a week where YOU'RE DIAGNOSED WITH EVERYTHING.    

All I'm eating is vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat/protein.  It's really not hard... but I'm wondering how I'm going to maintain it after it's all done.  Mainly the alcohol part.  Man, I'm really selling myself here! 

I'm done complaining.  Or, venting.  Or whatever it is that I'm doing.  But this has been my life for the past week!  

The plus side is that I'm feeling a lot better.  I'm excited that I finally took care of a problem that I've been dealing with for a long time.  I'm trying a WHOLE bunch of new recipes that I've never tried before instead of the same five things I make every single week.  I'm being more healthy, working out and I've got a pretty damn cute cat.  So, life's not that big of a struggle.  This summer has just been a strange, eventful summer.  It's all gonna be all right! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Things to Love on a Monday

1. i can't stop wanting a half sleeve.
also, my friend Sonja pins the best pins.  

3. gorgeous teased hair.


5. you've got soul. and everybody knows.
and it's all right. all right with me. 
oh, i want this.

6. i need more friends who host outdoor dinner parties.

7. i have such a crush on katy perry.

8. how embarrassing, they all wore the same suit!

9. jessica rabbit is the sexiest woman alive... drawn?  whatever. 

happy monday! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back East.

Last weekend, I made a last minute trip to Boston for the weekend.  I got into town on Thursday morning and spent some time with family and friends.  I got to hang out in the kitchen of my old apartment with my former roommate and our shared cat!  I stepped into the last few minutes of a show!  I hung out on the waterfront and stared at boats in the Atlantic Ocean.  I had a delightful little road trip.  

There's just something about the east coast that I love.  I'm not sure what the big difference is, aside from geography, but I just love it.  It was funny driving around and getting annoyed with jaywalkers... when just a few months ago, I never thought twice about it.  It's not against the law to jaywalk in Boston, but it's a major deal in California.  A ton of people I know have been ticketed for jaywalking, so I am very careful while walking and ALWAYS stop at lights and use crosswalks... in Boston, it's like cows just roaming free everywhere.  

It was also pretty funny seeing EVERYONE in Red Sox hats/jerseys/shirts/etc.  I never really see people "represent" their sport in California and I just realized that.  Everyone in Boston, whether they've watched baseball or not, is pretty ride-or-die when it comes to Boston.  

The east coast just has its charms and they always know how to drag me back in!  I'm starting to feel comfortable in California.  I know my way around without using GPS (although I still use it because traffic and the Waze app is really cute.)  But there was something about being in Boston that just made me feel so comfortable.  Almost like I owned the place... except I tried to park anywhere I wanted and flip off people I didn't know  (because that's what people do when they own things) and it never worked out.  

I'm not planning on moving back there (at least any time soon) since I'm still enjoying this west coast California adventure.  But I'm so happy to be from that side of the country.  I love California and it has its charms too!  But there's something about being inside the city that you're from that fills you with joy.  I love that crazy place!  

The good news is that I came back to California refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to paint the town Patty.  Although I'm sure there's some weird California law that will even prevent me from doing that.  (There seems to be a lot of strange California laws.  Or is it that Massachusetts just has none at all?)  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Identity Crisis

Remember that time I went surfing a month ago with my company?  When I first pulled up to the beach, I immediately freaked out.  There was no way I was going to do that!  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  "I'm not the surfing type of girl!" I screamed loudly inside of my brain.  

I'm still not "the surfing type" but at the very least, I tried it.  Refusing to do things because it's not who I am and doesn't relate to my identity is a really bad habit, I'm realizing.  I turn so many things down because they're not "me".  It's nice to feel like yourself, but how does one figure out different parts of their identity without experimenting?  It's like the older I get, the less different shit I try and the less life I have inside of me and the more I turn into a couch potato. 

During my freshman year of college, I had this roommate who liked going out to clubs.  She also liked drinking, getting high and randomly hanging out with Paul Pierce.  We were very different people as most nights I chose staying in my room watching Project Runway over having a social life.  But we got along pretty well.  And sometimes, even though it totally wasn't my style, I'd go to clubs with her.  And oddly enough, I had fun.  I was severely uncomfortable and didn't love strange men grinding on me - but hey, I enjoyed it.  In fact, during that summer, I went to A LOT of clubs.  These days, I would probably never do such a thing because I hate crowds, expensive drinks and people sweating on me - but for a brief period of time, I put my identity aside and let it become a part of who I was.  FOR A VERY BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME. 

I make a lot of decisions because "that's just who I am."  I'll drink an entire bottle of wine on a Tuesday, because "I'm Irish and that's who I am!" I'll let myself be alone a lot of the time because I'm introverted and that's just the way I am.  Those aren't necessarily things to brag about!  That doesn't HAVE to be who I am!  I don't have to be drunk inside my turtle shell ALL THE TIME, right?  

I guess I don't really know where I'm going here.  Maybe I'm having some sort of identity crisis.  But I do know there are a lot of bad habits that I foster by brushing new experiences or healthier habits under the rug because they're not who I am.  And I should probably look into changing that mentality.  

How real for a Tuesday, huh?  I'm feeling very introspective this week!  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Analyzing Lyrics: Young Girl by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Recently, I went through a bit of a 1960's and 1970's musical phase.  This happens every few weeks or so, when I'm done with my 50's or 80's music phases.  Beau and I took a trip to Venice Beach and I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to debut my well-curated playlist.  Until this song came on.  Beau was very mad about it and I never really listened to the lyrics.  

So let's analyze these lyrics together! 

Young Girl
Get out of my mind
My love for you is way out of line 
Better run, girl! 
You're much too young, girl! 

OK, wait.  My first question here is how young is this girl?  This is an instance where specificity really pays off.  Even "Young Adult" may have been more appropriate, although even that demographic starts at age 14.  My second question is: BETTER RUN, GIRL?  Run from what, exactly?!?  It seems counterproductive to say "I'm coming for you but I know I shouldn't, so I'm warning you that I know it's bad - but if you don't run, IT AIN'T MY FAULT!" 

With all the charms of a woman
You've kept the secret of your youth 
You led me to believe
You're old enough 
To give me love
And now it hurts to know the truth 

Whoa, okay.  So this girl is definitely not legal.  Where exactly did you meet this girl with all the charms of a woman?  It couldn't have been a bar or a club, because she literally can't get into those places.  I hope it wasn't say, a mall or something, because that could have been your first warning.  Also, super classy blaming HER for your interest in her young body.  But now that you know the truth... you're not going to do anything about it, right?  Right, Gary Puckett?!  

Beneath your perfume and make-up
You're just a baby in disguise
And though you know
That it's wrong to be 
Alone with me 
That come on look is in your eyes

So, here's the thing, a baby in disguise is STILL A BABY.  It's wrong to be alone with you because you're a very creepy old man.  It really doesn't matter if she's coming on to you, you're an adult and you should know better.  You shouldn't be alone with her and you should be resisting your urges and not be gross.  Plus, a "come on look" is not a green light. I mean, come on.  #yesallwomen 

So hurry home to your Mama
I'm sure she wonders where you are
Get out of here
Before I have the time
To change my mind
'Cause I'm afraid we'll go too far 

You will never have the time to change your mind, it will always be wrong.  And you can't be afraid to go too far, YOU HAVE A SAY IN THIS.  You and your penis share the same brain, so don't act as though it's completely out of your hands.  

And although the song is over, and you controlled yourself around this young girl, you're still a horrible human being for even slightly entertaining the thought.  Plus, the upbeat, happy tempo of this song is so disturbing.  You tricked me into ignoring the lyrics for years!  Also, it doesn't surprise me that the follow up to this song is called, "This Girl Is A Woman Now."  

Let's all go wash this song out of our hair.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

5 Life Lessons from Forrest Gump

The movie, Forrest Gump, is celebrating its 20th birthday this month!  That’s twenty years of horribly mimicking his Alabama accent and mockingly yelling, “RUN, FORREST, RUN!” any time we saw anybody running.  (Anybody else? Just me? I'm mean.) 

I decided to watch the movie (for the first time) in celebration of its anniversary and fell in love with it (for the first time.)  I know, I'm the worst - but I should mention that I have watched it in pieces, but I was young, it was long, I'm tired, etc.  I did have the soundtrack though and it's still a favorite album.  Plus, that Tom Hanks is a really great actor, huh?  He's going places!

While the obvious lesson we’re expected to take away from the movie is what his mama, Sally Fields, always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” there were also quite a few nuggets of wisdom buried in that very long movie. (Have I mentioned that it was long?  Cause it was long.) 

1.  Follow your instincts.  When the clouds parted and the rain stopped falling in Vietnam, Forrest looked up for a brief moment of peace before the turmoil began and his life was changed forever.  He followed Lt. Dan’s orders, as well as the advice of Jenny, and ran.  He ran so fast that he beat everyone out of the danger zone and knew that he had to go back and find Bubba.  While finding Bubba, he made it his mission to save everyone, including a very angry Lt. Dan.  He put his own life in danger to save everyone else, because that was what his instincts told him to do.   Despite Jenny advising Forrest not to be brave, he did just the opposite and saved several lives and received a congressional medal of honor.   In the end, Bubba couldn’t be saved, but Forrest still picked him up and carried him through the burning jungle so he could die in peace with his best friend by his side.  Forrest proved that the easiest and safest choice isn’t always the right choice.  Sometimes, we should follow our own personal instincts over the advice of others… or the choice that seems smartest. 

2.  Best friends ain’t something you can find just around the corner.  Bubba was Forrest’s best good friend.  They were going to go into the shrimping business together.  They loved and respected each other a whole lot.  And Forrest was one hundred percent correct when he said, “best friends ain’t something you can find just around the corner.”  Best friends, truly great friends, are few and far between.  And when you’ve got one, you should do whatever you can to hold on to that friendship.  That may mean running through gunshots and fire to save them or starting a shrimping business in their name.  Damn, Forrest set the “best friend” bar pretty damn high!  I hope my friends are content with watching their animals and sometimes buying them a drink while at bars.

3.  Don’t play the victim.  This one is a little less obvious than the others, but I found it to be a reoccurring theme throughout the movie.  This may be unpopular opinion, but I hate Jenny.  She didn’t deserve Forrest!  And I know that she was his first friend and she stood up for him and legitimately cared about him, but she used her miserable life as an excuse to cast Forrest aside and treat him cruelly.  Her childhood was awful, and I feel bad for her about that, but I don’t think that’s an excuse to treat Forrest the way she did.  It taught me that when we play the victim, we close doors on people that care about us.  We hide behind our failed lives instead of actively doing anything to make them better and when anyone bothers to try, we get frustrated and sweep them under the rug and scream, “I can’t be saved!” despite sort of, kind of actually needing help.

4.  Persistence pays off.  Forrest was out of the hospital, but still injured in the butt-ocks when he took up ping-pong because other people were playing it in the recreational room.  Forrest spent HOURS playing it so he could get better at it.  He even slept with the paddle! He may not have been great at it immediately, but eventually he was so good that he was asked to join the Army’s ping-pong team.  He also wasn’t very good at shrimping at first, but then he built a pretty successful business!  And, of course, he ultimately got Jenny in the end.  He showed her that he loved her throughout her whole life… and it worked out in his favor. (Even if I feel  Well, if you ignore her tragic ending and stuff.  Basically, if you work really hard at something, even if you’re bad at it, you’ll eventually get good at it.  Persistence is the key!   

5.  Do more for other people. Since he was a child, Forrest put other people’s needs before him.  It certainly paid off because throughout his life, he remained consistently lucky.  He always helped Jenny, he started a business in memory of his friend and left it in the hands of Lt. Dan – a man who he saved despite strong resistance, he left the business when his mom got sick, he gave a lot of the money to Bubba’s family despite never having met them, he mowed lawns for free – and he always did these things with a smile on his face.  Even while being yelled at by a Black Panther, he apologized for ruining the party by beating Jenny’s boyfriend up for hitting her.  (That might have been my favorite part.)  He was a good human being who genuinely cared for other people and was always happy to help.  

I guess what I'm saying is... we could all benefit from finding a little Forrest Gump in our ugly, ugly hearts.  And that's all I have to say about that. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Things to Love on a Monday

 1. homemade bomb pop shots on A Beautiful Mess
my friends and I used to get the Bomb Pop martini at PF Changs
so I'm going to have to look into these. 

 3. my dream location.

 4. i will huff and i'll puff and i'll never get gorgeous waves like these.

5. america socks!

6. just the cutest wallpaper.

7. all i want is a neon sign.

8. i love this.

 9. intense cat eye. 

 10. splash.

happy monday! 


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